Movistar+ is one of the alternative platforms in the world of large subscription services. The platform is new because it offers a wide selection of series, documentaries and films of all genres, but with a focus on European and Spanish languages. Particularly for the way his premises delve into a variety of scenarios without sacrificing quality. And also because of the way they explore different perspectives on unusual events in serialized or cinematic formats. This makes it an ideal option for pop culture lovers looking for unique content.

There is life beyond the big platforms. Especially if you are looking for quality content. Be it movie buffs looking to enjoy more auteur cinematic offerings, or those outside of Hollywood. At the other extreme, audiences are trying to find a greater variety of offerings in catalogs that cover languages ​​other than English. Everything to create a satisfying and extraordinary user experience.

To help you explore the Movistar+ catalogue, we leave you with five of the best series that you can find in its collections. From a unique perspective on misogyny to a narrative of a relationship crisis that becomes increasingly serious and painful. The selection provides an example of what you can find on the platform and how it differs significantly from any other streaming offering. His greatest strength.

Protective equipment

Over one season and six episodes, the series delves into the dark corners of the law, skillfully examining characters with ambiguous morals. As a result, this story is also a close look at what police and judicial excesses can hide. Particularly at a time when institutionalized violence is often disguised and justified by law.

The plot tells how six special forces officers must participate in an eviction in Madrid. But what begins as a routine procedure turns into a decisive battle, leaving a victim in its wake. The situation will become more complicated when it is obvious that what happened is not a matter of chance or unfortunate circumstance.

Laya (Vicki Luengo), the Internal Affairs agent who will investigate the situation, will discover that there is a twisted secret behind the disastrous operation. One that will also make her a victim of pressure and a kind of unexpected aggression that will demonstrate the toxic masculinity of the body in which she works. The miniseries’ shocking finale will demonstrate that for every legal act that fails, a flaw is likely to be corrected. The most difficult message of the proposal.

Ideal life

In two seasons and fourteen episodes, the Movistar+ production shows what its main characters call the art of being a woman in our time. Or, in other words, the ability to find personal purpose despite cultural pressures. This will force the characters to ask themselves serious existential questions. about a way of understanding the feminine from the social changes that their lives go through.

But everything will happen from a certain point of scenarios that collide with each other to tell essentially the same story. Maria (Letizia Dolera) is a dentist whose life plan fails and she has to start over due to uncertainty. Chris (Celia Freigeiro) is a lawyer who wants to succeed, but is starting to think that maybe the cost is too high. In its turn, Esther (Aisha Villagran) She is a talented artist who also needs to make a living from her art without achieving it.

Together they will show the life of a generation trying to find their purpose, success, and also love. Of course, first they must accept that this is not an easy journey or a journey that they cannot make without the help of loved ones. The series showcases a simple yet charming sense of humor which is its best element.


The eight-part miniseries is already considered a classic, with some calling it a smaller version – and with a Spanish accent – Continuity. But the truth is that this is an elegant and well-written exploration of corruption, politics, and how both of these things can be tied into a family environment. Which makes it even more uncomfortable, is more precise and blunt about ambition and greed than one might expect.

Ruben Bertomeu (Pepe Sancho) is the formal leader and visible head of a business corporation of great importance in the field of urban development. So much so that it allowed him to become one of the most powerful people in Spain and especially in the fictional city of Misente. Gradually the character will become darker and more violent when it comes to achieving all of his goals. This includes crushing all your enemies and destroying any resistance.

But what’s most interesting about the series is how it reflects the desire for power that becomes a dangerous instinct. Each chapter of the series shows how this thirst becomes monstrous. and also as a reason to build and create a version of good and evil. This is one of the greatest Spanish series before Canal+ became Movistar+.


A unique vision of the success of the sixties is explored in this one-season, six-episode series. Which, moreover, uses Barcelona at the peak of economic growth as a suitable platform. It is an ideal vantage point for presenting ideas that are still relevant today. Some of them detailing how to gain power, Under the right conditions, this can become a perverse goal.

This is the case of Justo Gil (Oriol Pla), who comes to town with the intention of achieving success at any cost. Which means contact with the darkest and least recommended places of the prosperous society of the time. But what begins as a risky experiment in search of understanding As the threads of influence move, he finds himself the focus of a spy network.

Moreover, in a love story that will take Justo into unknown dimensions of his mind and his desire to be recognized. Although the production fails to cover all scenarios, If this happens, a dispute will arise that will maintain tension throughout the story.

look what you did

Being a father is never easy, as evidenced by this three-season, eighteen-episode series. Bert (Berto Romero, whom we saw recently in Other side) And Sandra (Eva Ugarte), they want to have their first child. And this despite the fact that both have difficult professional lives (he is a TV presenter, she is a doctor) and Your views on the future begin to change quickly.

Thus, having children becomes not only a bet on the future, but also an interesting journey through the aspirations of the parents. Between the laughter, the pain, and the tears, this series manages to hit the nail on the head. A baby may be the answer to prayers, but at the same time pushing first-time parents into places they never thought connected to their outlook on life. One of the latest and most unusual series in the Movistar+ catalogue.

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