Selena Gomez, Martin Short D Steve Martin they continue to grow like a narrative trident. As Mabel, Oliver and Charles, the team in charge of solving the murder and talking about it through a podcast, they are more convincing in the series’ second season. Only killers in the building. This does not detract from the work done in the first part of the series; it really serves as an example to explore how much performers can grow through chapters.

Just like in the first season, Only killers in the building It is based on the murder to tell the story of the relationship between the main characters. Those who initially didn’t have a greater connection now share different moments and sometimes secrets. This closeness also destroys their bond. Between some subtle jokes and a mystery in the air, there’s drama they make up.

While Oliver and Charles look into their past, Mabel tries to look into her future. No one has greater certainty about each time, because the former craves it and the latter finds no greater certainty in the future.

Neighborhood investigations into the murder of one of the neighbors distract them from their own lives, those that cross them whenever they can.

Only killers in the building

The second season of the series follows the same path as the first. That’s good news for a story that needs time for its main characters to grow, both in what keeps them busy, in finding the culprits, and in the attention to their particular dramas. Within them, the past and present collide with each other, making their dramas more complex.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Only killers in the building
and the second season is faithful to the first

After watching the first seven chapters of the series (there are ten in total), the previous aspect regarding the narrative growth of the characters, as well as the tone in which they tell their lives, becomes clear. Only killers in the building she is comfortable in her touches of humor, subtle and effective, and in the rhythm, poised, almost cop, in relation to the events they are dealing with.

Added to this base are interventions such as Amy Schumer, who appears as another of the building’s exclusive neighbors and is interested in content created by Mabel, Oliver and Charles. This may seem like an anecdotal detail, an attraction for the viewer to get addicted to the story again. But it goes even further: in a property where people like Sting have passed, the appearance of other celebrities is normal.

On this journey Steve Martin goes on to offer his own essay on acting career.. Although Only killers in the building It has a lot of suspense (in its own way), irony and humor, this type of game is also allowed. Charles is an authority in this area, and even in this case, he is only suitable for minor roles. It is not clear whether he accepts them out of nostalgia for the past or out of necessity. But it is enough to leave the question open to diversify the story.

Mabel at the epicenter of the hurricane

Given the uncertainty surrounding the killer, each protagonist’s stories delve into specific dramas. Just as Charles feels trapped in a past that allows him to live but can’t get out of it, Oliver discovers a family crossroads and Mabel watches their possible ties crumble, pushing her into isolation.

In the schemes of the three main characters, it is Mabel who conveys the greater vulnerability during the passage of the first six chapters of the game. Only killers in the building. This approach to history invites the viewer to focus much more on specific stories rather than on the pretext for which they came together, on a project to clarify the event. Luck will probably be when this series ends, they will be the ones who will eventually reveal themselves, for the entertainment of those who watch.

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