Avatar: The Last Airbender It premiered just a few days ago on Netflix. The streaming platform has released a new adaptation of the cult Nickelodeon animated series. The project appeared amid a sea of ​​doubts, because the previous remake, the film he directed, M. Night Shyamalan In 2010, it was also a disaster because the creators of the original development abandoned it due to creative inaccuracies. However, the public is sovereign and has already spoken.

Netflix reveals audience data Avatar: The Last Airbender at its premiere. And the success is stunning. The company achieved one of the best premieres in its history. In the first four days The series reached 21.2 million views. Figures that the vast majority of projects in his catalog can only dream of. In fact, it was among the top ten most viewed in 92 countries. And it’s the second most watched film of the entire week, second only to the Swedish film. Kiruna Abyss.

Triumph Avatar: The Last Airbender It’s so remarkable that it’s managed to surpass another great Netflix adaptation in recent months. One piece. Remake of the series Eichiro Oda It reached 18.5 million views on its premiere. That is, Avatar exceeds it by approximately 15%. There is still a long way to go, but with these numbers, everything suggests that the company will sooner or later give the go-ahead for a second season. And who knows, maybe for the third and last time.

Because Netflix has made it clear in recent years that it wants to preserve its goose that lays the golden eggs. and the Universe Avatar This is one of the richest places that exist. Avatar: The Last Airbender It has three seasons. But later they too could risk adapting Avatar: The Legend of Korra, a continuation of the series focusing on the next reincarnation of a powerful mystical warrior. The numbers from this series make us optimistic about the future.

Netflix and remakes of live-action films

However, it should be noted that Netflix didn’t get to this point easily. Premieres One piece and from Avatar: The Last Airbender drew huge crowds and overall they convinced critics and audiences. But before them there were other series, which also had high hopes and the results of which were frankly bad.

It’s hard to forget the disaster that remakes of beloved anime have caused. Death Note and from Cowboy Bebop. Neither the critics, nor the fans, nor the audience liked them. Two difficult failures that, fortunately, were left behind on the way to a much more successful era. Because no adaptation can reach the level of the source material of such series. Mainly because the possibilities offered by animation go beyond the actual image. But at least One piece And Avatar: The Last Airbender They seem to have found the key to being a worthy addition.

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