Netflix confirmed this Black mirror there will be a seventh season and very soon we will be able to enjoy it. Giant streaming announced the return of the series created by Charlie Brooker, who debuts with six episodes sometime next year. While details are scarce, it has been revealed that this will tie into one of the best chapters of the entire saga.

Season 7 Black mirror The premiere will take place in 2025 and will consist of six chapters. Official Black Mirror account on X (Twitter) published a small teaser who announces his return with new stories. The video includes some clues hidden in the icons and animations for fans to analyze and come up with their craziest theories.

While the release date and details of the new stories are unknown, Netflix has offered clues about what’s to come. According to the company, Season 7 Black mirror will include the sequel “USS Callister” one of the best episodes of the entire series according to critics.

“Robert Daly is dead, but for the crew of the USS Callister, the troubles are just beginning,” Netflix said. The episode in question is part of the 4th season of the series. Black mirrorwhere a programmer uses the DNA of his colleagues to create digital clones and enter them into an online game similar to Star Trek.

During the See What’s Next event, Netflix revealed that Charlie Brooker and Annabelle Jones will be in charge of season seven.. It will be produced by Broke & Bones and distributed by Banijay Rights. The actors who will take part in it are still unknown, although it is likely that Toby Haynes will return to direct the sequel to USS Callister.

Black mirror will strive to stay on the right track

Announcement of the new season of the series Black mirror It’s always well received. Although the show spiraled out of control in seasons four and five, Charlie Brooker and company adjusted the compass. The most recent installment went back to its roots and restored some of the elements that made the series great.

The sixth season featured a host of stars, including Salma Hayek, Aaron Paul and Josh Harnett. Its creators explored themes such as privacy, obsession with the past, or terrifying advances in technology. An example is Overseas, where two astronauts (Paul and Harnett) can inhabit Earth with copies of their bodies.

One of the successes of last season was reconnecting with technology and its dangers. Black mirror debuted in 2011 with a shocking episode in which the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is forced to have sex with a pig to save a member of the royal family. Brooker relied on the influence of social media and its ability to spread information.

season seven Black mirrorwill be released in 2025, will strive to stay abreast of current topics. We’ll likely see more references to artificial intelligence and other concepts that pose a threat to the future of humanity.

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