American Horror Story: Delicate, which is now available on Star+, is one of the most interesting installments in the anthology. Based on the novel by Danielle Rollins, the series examines motherhood through an eerie lens through Anne (Emma Roberts). Much more so when freedom of rights is questioned, fear of the physical process of childbirth and even perception of it as a sinister story. The result is one of the highest quality production seasons. Plus, it reminds us of the reason why Ryan Murphy’s work has become an icon of the horror genre.

But evolution AHS Before the twelfth season, this was not easy. From a promising start in 2011, the anthology has gone through various stages of quality and strength of its idea. And all this time he was looking for his individuality and managed to establish himself in the taste of the public.

By 2015, Ryan Murphy’s reinvention of horror was already looming on the small screen. However, it has lost some of its freshness and lightness, leading to fears that it might be cancelled. Later in 2018, the series returned and found some of its most memorable parts.

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Among this combination, much can be said about how American Horror Story It evolved into the phenomenon it is today. To better understand the latter, we leave you with the five best seasons available on Star+. The one that opened the doors to the apocalyptic horror storyline, a tribute slashers since the 1980s. The series is a brilliant journey through the horror genre and the possibilities it offers.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Released in 2018, it has the feature of combining three seasons of the anthology on one stage. Murder House (first), coven (third) and Hotel (fifth) they are combined into a story that also gives continuity to each of them. And all this in the spirit of traditional horror. The coming of the Antichrist, more than ready to destroy the world to the ground.

Of course, Apocalypse capitalizes on this idea and ties it into all the previous characters and setting. So, there are witches, psychopaths ready to kill, demons looking for the mother of their unborn child. But what’s even more interesting is that the script carefully assembles all of the above into a story that pays homage to the series. At the same time, it delves into the perspective of modern evil, a common theme of the plot.

Because of the shocking ending American Horror Story: Apocalypse It also makes it clear that everything we see in the story before or after is directly related to this season. So if you want to start with one and enjoy the full anthology, this is a good choice.

American Horror Story: Double Feature

In 2021, the anthology experimented with telling two stories at once and succeeded. On the one hand, events Red wave (which tells a story by the sea) and on the other Death Valley, a story about condemned territory. This combination is a great look at horror from a few different perspectives and all. in the middle is a tribute to the 1970s genre.

Red wave, chronicles what happens when a writer and his family decide to spend the winter in a tiny coastal town. What begins as a series of eerie incidents gradually evolves into an exploration of human nature and primal horrors. With a very noticeable view to the usual assumption small town, dangerous hellthe series relies on rural paranoia.

In another scenario Death Valley It tells a similar plot, but on land and starring a group of students. Exactly the same as in Red waveAfter spending time at the camp, a group of young people discover that a vicious element lurks in the shadows. Which will make them victims and finally connect the dark story with the history of the family on the coast. A miracle of good writing, screenplay and imagination.

American Horror Story: Asylum

In 2012, AHS It was still an experiment, and its first big test was the second season, which had to endure two things. Firstly, the success of the first, which strengthened its tone and theme. And secondly, an experiment in turning – without warning – into an anthology. He not only achieved both. It also demonstrated that it was able to transform the premise of horror into a subtext – evil as a constant presence.

This season is set in the 1960s and explores what happens behind the walls. Briarcliff Manor, a psychiatric hospital that houses all types of terminal patients. At the same time, it houses sinister secrets that put both the prisoners and the staff who care for them in danger. lWhat’s interesting is that in addition to the nursing home, the script sets up the institution as a center of horror and violence.

Starring Jessica Lange and the collection of uncomfortable and off-putting scenes that the series has overcome, this season marked the path that… AHS will develop from now on. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand all its dark background.

American Horror Story: Coven

In 2013, witches arrived in ASF and by what route. With Jessica Lange back in charge of the cast, which also included Kate Bates and Angela Bassett, the story became brutal and elegant. He not only managed to unite a large group of myths and legends North America in a scenario telling about the confrontation between devilish creatures.

At the same time, for allowing their actresses to experiment with acting and create perhaps some of the most memorable characters in the anthology. The story takes place in 2013, but with numerous flashbacks showing the events. stories related to the Salem trials, the season carefully guards its secrets.

But when he reveals them, it becomes a celebration of all sorts of visions of cruelty, primal evil and violence. The result is a season it shines on its own and represents one of the highlights of the production.

American Horror Story: 1984

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1984 – Pictured: Angelica Ross as Nurse Rita. CR: Kurt Isvarienko FX

Although all previous seasons are recommended, this one will undoubtedly please horror fans for many reasons. Released in 2019, it is a tribute slashers since 1980. But there’s much more to the films that shaped the current frightening genre. Which leads to a season dedicated to the saga Friday the 13th before A Nightmare on Elm Street.

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This is, of course, another chapter in the anthology in which the horrors of camp are played out from the strange and whimsical perspective of a Ryan Murphy production. Interesting data? One of the two serial killers in the plot is a direct reference to Richard Ramirez, the so-called Night Stalker. The gunman killed more than 60 people in 1984, and in fiction AHS, His dark figure is part of the horrors that threaten the main characters.

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