IN Abigail Blood flows by the gallon, and headless bodies appear in more than a dozen scenes. There’s also a vampire girl (Alisha Weir) who reinvents the genre by creating an unstoppable threat that also has a tumultuous history as a backdrop. The new film from duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillette is an extravagant experiment that works because it’s light-hearted, brutal, and twisted sense of humor. Namely for demonstrating that vampires continue to be the beloved classic monsters of modern cinema.

This is not new news. Over the past few years, gore films have become increasingly important in the horror genre. Moreover, they allow, in addition to the best and most graphic chilling scenes, an inevitable reflection on human nature. From immortality as a panacea to the perception of good and evil as a scenario of the struggle for survival. The truth is that vampires are the creatures closest to humans. and those that best explore the dark side of violence.

In honor of the new name in the immortals’ gallery, we leave you with five vampire films that you should watch if you liked them. Abigail. From two chapters Dracula Bram Stoker brought a twilight view of eternity to cinema. All to reflect and delve into the cruelty, bloodlust and horror among the varied, extravagant and original scenarios.

Demeter’s Last Journey

One of the most interesting passages Dracula, Bram Stoker’s is the one that follows the titular Earl’s bloody journey through a ship that ultimately runs aground. And this with the entire crew dead and signs of an inexplicable tragedy terrorizing London, as the writer imagined.

Last year, Andre Øvredal’s story was released for the third time in a particularly bloody and brutal feature film, not measured by graphic death scenes. One that also pays homage to both the novel it’s based on and the horror genre as a whole.

Demeter’s Last Journey tells the story of how a ship commanded by Captain Elliot (Liam Cunningham of Game of Thrones), begins a journey doomed to tragedy. And this is after he picked up a mysterious shipment of boxes in Romania, which ultimately turned out to be the car of a ferocious creature that would kill one by one the entire crew on board. Halfway between Alien: The Eighth Passenger Ridley Scott and the brutal hunt for monsters, The film is an indispensable work for fans of the genre.


In one of the rare pop culture coincidences, another minor character has appeared from Draculareleased in cinemas in 2023. Renfield, directed by Christopher McKay, departed from the main setting of the novel to tell the story of a demonic servant of a vicious count. Played by Nicholas Hoult, the original side was explored. His status as the emotional slave of an evil vampire. played by Nicolas Cage in another of his extravagant roles.

The film takes place in modern-day New Orleans. The main character is trying to find his place in the world and freedom. Little by little he will discover that his connection with Dracula is more than just a duty: It is also his connection to his most violent and unstoppable part.

In the midst of accelerated redemption and trying to do good for the first time in centuries, Renfield He ends up confronting his master, falling in love, and buying a bachelor pad. All in the same week.

Livide: cursed inheritance

If the image of a devilish girl with ambition Prima ballerina this is your thing, there is a more sinister, cruel and terrifying version Abigail what to see in 2011, Livide: cursed inheritance told the story of a little girl doomed to live forever. It is much worse to endure the physical slavery imposed on him by his mother, who kept her captive in the huge mansion they both shared.

But don’t let the previous tragic premise fool you. This is a full-fledged vampire film and the best part is that there is not the slightest desire to show any atrocities. About eternal girls pursuing their prey in a labyrinthine house. creepy symbols evenly distributed in a dense plot.

The truth is Livide: cursed inheritance It is a twisted vision of longing, the need for possession and the lust for blood. Consisting of three brutal acts that end with a finale worthy of Guillermo del Toro.this film is perfect for those looking for a new premise in the vampire genre.

A girl comes home alone at night

Halfway between west Twilight and monstrous romance, this film by Ana Lily Amirpour presents an unusual premise in the vampire genre. In eternal, dangerous and melancholic Iran, a lonely woman walks the streets. in search of blood. But at the same time, he is tormented by his nature as an eternal wanderer.

The director, who also writes the script, examines the condition of a woman in a cruel environment through the idea of ​​a being who is beyond all classification. But at the same time, it tells the story of a menacing horror film, which, thanks to its sophisticated aesthetic – the film is recorded in black and white – uses context as a symbolic site.

By its painful end, the film makes two things clear. On the one hand, this love will survive death. On the other hand, this does not make the creature who experienced it exactly good. Two completely different scenarios that converge in a fatal – and artistic – bloodbath.

Only lovers survive

In 2013, Jim Jarmusch decided to make what he called a “real vampire movie.” But Only lovers surviveit’s much more like a reflection a decadent and elegant story about eternity and time, not a creepy story.

Adam (Tom Hiddleston in a role specially selected for him) is a vampire with several centuries behind him in search of the meaning of life. Eve (Tilda Swinton) is his wife for all eternity who needs to travel the world. from time to time, trying to understand the passage of time through books and music.

Together they form an odd pair, bloodthirsty and ultimately as cruel as any other creature of movie night. However, the film has more ambitions than just showing murder and gore – which it does – and it demonstrates this with its unique take on the possibility of eternity. Ideal for those who love the vampire genre with a touch of brutal romance.

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