The Netflix catalog is an unpredictable phenomenon. So much so that their successes occur without clarity on what makes a film a triumph or goes unnoticed among the multitude of options offered by the platform. In a sense, this is the case when Deep in the Seine, a film that managed to surprise audiences and become, although the reason is not very clear, a success with audiences. There’s much more in the subscription service’s most viewed content in recent weeks. This, with a clearly crazy argument: It’s a shark attack in the center of the French capital.

However, no matter how interesting its idea may be (or not), the film has an even more interesting proof. The fact that Stephen King recommended him through his official account on X (before Twitter). The author, who admitted that he initially doubted the feasibility of such a story, noted that he not only found it “terrifying.” Moreover, he found the last 25 minutes creepy enough to make him Deep in the Seineone of their online recommendations. This makes the film especially interesting and how it portrays a very unusual type of horror.

We leave you with three things you should know. Deep in the Seine, a film that became a rare hit on Netflix. From the environmentalist-focused script to the closing credits so shocking they’re as effective as a post-credits scene. And all this in order to delve deeper into this new Netflix bet, which surprised, as is usually the case, a significant part of its subscribers.

Well thought out script for a simple story

Director and screenwriter Xavier Gens took an absurd premise and explored it from an interesting perspective. Deep in the Seine He doesn’t intend to put a new spin on wildlife horror or turn a film about hidden sharks into a work of art. So, make some smart and bold decisions.

On the one hand, the film establishes a foundation of bioethics and environmental concern, which allows the plot to develop in different directions. Sharks are not enemies or humanized creatures. These are wild animals trying to survive in a harsh situation. This means that all sorts of events occur that allow them to adapt to a polluted sea or to new places. It doesn’t always work but the film is serious about providing some explanation for what is being told on screen.

On the other hand, give your characters some substance beyond not being eaten or eaten by out-of-control beasts. So Sofia (Bérénice Bejo) investigates and then tries to stop Lilith, the mako shark at the center of the action. The latter not only undergoes a number of physical changes due to ocean pollution, but is also a direct consequence of it. lor does it lead the film to its next common thread.

Brutal hunt in the Seine

While the sharks prepare to attack at the bottom of the sea—and later in the Seine—the film devotes little time and interest to what is happening on the surface. Not in excess, but enough for something more to happen. than a scene full of bloody deaths presented explicitly.

Deep in the Seine It takes patience to show characters who are downright reckless, stupid and, in the end, inevitable victims of what happens underwater. But rather than being fodder for the creatures’ eager jaws, the film pays attention to motivation – at least the sketch of it – in all the action. Which allows you to kill several of your characters and then attack Shark Wave takes the film to a new level of brutality and violence.

Precisely because part of the seriousness of the situation is due to how the Parisian authorities themselves react to what is happening. This includes ignoring warnings as well as outright disregard for safety precautions.

Some brilliant closing credits

But one of the most interesting moments of the film is its ending. This journey is depicted in the images that accompany the end titles and describe what happened after the film’s magnificent final scene. The solution is smart enough to have an animation that gets bigger and detailed as it nears the end – functions as a post-credits scene.

Much more interesting as a declaration of intent for production. This film could be the beginning of a saga. Which, thanks to the success achieved so far, This could happen very soon.

Source: Hiper Textual

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