boys also dared kill one of your main characters in the season finale. The chapter that ended its busy story with pomp was a bloody display of resources. But also an urgent reminder of how the show analyzes its own sense of reality.

More than a glimpse into the possible future of the series, season finale boys it was a provocation. Also, a reminder of the importance his argument places on subversion. Meanwhile, sacrificing the protagonist is a clear sign of the risks the series is willing to take.

Of course, the final fight was predictable. Especially since it was clear throughout the season that a clash between Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and Homelander (Anthony Starr) was imminent. Fatal by necessity and with long-term consequences. Much more with the advent of the invincible boy soldier (Jensen Ackles).

The final confrontation turned out to be a kind of bloody battle with a lot of symbolism. Also, in the midst of a vision of violence that allowed the series to test its limits. But what the death of one of his characters brought was complex disclosure which reconstructs several central moments of the program.

Disturbing, sinister and, of course, crazy battle

At the season finale boysHomelander discovers that Soldier Boy is the original sperm donor with which he was conceived.. Which no doubt changes his personal history, giving an unknown and potentially dangerous meaning to how he understands his powers. And even the way he analyzes his personality.

Father’s idea? super powerful and the eventual legacy that stands on his heroic version changes character in highlights. But it also creates a dangerous opportunity. For Homelander, his family history is a treasured secret.. A way to gain power over him, and that is what speeds up the events in the chapter.

After the character explains his real family history to Black Noir, a critical moment in the series arrives. One that shows just how utterly unstoppable Homelander is and that his killing instincts have only gotten stronger. Fascinated by the idea of ​​his possible connection to the original hero, Homelander backs off from his plan to kill him. But Black Noir, knowing how dangerous Soldier Boy can be, insists on continuing.

It was then that Homelander, who had stated more than once that Black Noir was “his only friend” among the Seven, kills him.. It turned out that the curious masked hero always knew about the “paternity” of the Soldier, Homelander kills him with his bare hands. And indeed, leaves him to die in bloody torment on the floor.

Now what? boys surprise again


When Homelander is convinced of a higher purpose, his personality seems to reshape around the revelation of his origins. In an effort to convince the Soldier Boy of his understanding of superheroes, the character ventures into uncharted territory.

Also, to the apotheosis of evil, which could turn the fourth season into a bloody killing spree. Something that season three seemed to envision, but now it’s closer than ever.

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