In Spain, the golden age of television came very late. It was hard for our creatives to realize that scripts can no longer be written and filmed as simply as they were a few years ago. Do not offer us builds without complexity. And it doesn’t seem crazy to insist that before the premiere money robbery, the modern series was not produced in the country. But, without a doubt, Nobody lives here It’s different.

If we want to think about sitcoms, the American model prevails with conventional sets, few outside scenes, and traditional banal laughter. to that Seinfeld or friends. In Spain, it was reproduced, above all, in very successful Seven lives and his spin off, Aida. But yes colleagues Soledad Huete is rather poorly preserved, houses number 21 on Madrid’s Calle Desengaño they stay as fresh as the first day. And no canned laughter.

There are those who will point out that we cannot forget that the dramatic Crematorium. But this is not a work with the current fullness. And the translation of the cinematic perspective into television fiction occurred with Twin Peaks D Secret materialstwo decades earlier. Nonetheless, Nobody lives here this is a personal contribution.

Big success Nobody lives here before and now

Created by brothers Alberto and Laura Caballero with Iñaki Aristimunho, this series tells the story of life of a dysfunctional community of neighbors In the center of Madrid. to that 13, Rue du Barnacle, cartoon by Francisco Ibáñez. And it was a colossal triumph for specialized critics and Spanish audiences who turned it into most viewed national production in the first decade of the 21st century. For very good reasons, without discussion.

The average screen share of its ninety episodes was almost 34% during the broadcast of the first five seasons on Antena 3. And since October 2021 often sneaks into the top ten of Netflix. Although it is also in the catalog of Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and Atresplayer. Viewers who watched every episode in the analog world are now rewatching it on streaming. And the new generations that discovered it there also make it possible for it to be resurrected.

According to a barometer prepared by the Audiovisual Communications Research Cabinet, a consulting company integrated into the Globomedia Group, on a set of platforms, Nobody lives here was the sixth most viewed episode in the first quarter 2022. About 22% of Spaniards who watch video on demand in about six out of every ten households have chosen it as their pastime.

endless pleasure

Nobody lives here

One of the reasons we never get tired of revisiting the problems of this neighborhood community is because of what Paolo Vasile, CEO of Mediaset, calls the “karaoke effect”. The details of the plot and even the dialogues of the series are perfectly remembered. And because of that and how enjoyable it is for him, he repeats and deceives them over and over again without feeling bored at all.

Same thing happens to us with good times Simpson. And with the above friends. Also with The Big Bang Theory and the eccentric ideas of Sheldon Cooper. To those viewers who like us, of course. So that we can see them from beginning to end several timesor individual chapters, and never get bored.

It’s not just a karaoke effect

Nobody lives here

However, there is something basic in them that pushes us to such persistent behavior. The fundamental aspect that distinguishes them from, for example, Pharmacy open or Seven lives. And that’s what the wit of his humor never gets old. just like in the one that will cometwin sister, but a little more out of control than Nobody lives hereuntil I began to notice some depletion of the formula and a drop in rhythm.

The turmoil and misfortune of the Caballero brothers’ choral work, reveling in the comic energy of their staging of the best that Billy Wilder, Luis García Berlanga or the Spanish dramatic tradition has given us, belongs to the undying laughter of the seventh art. D its main characters and its actorsassociated with the satyrs of the generation of José Luis López Vázquez are revealed very recognizable and iconic. As many as will remain on our screens, even if years pass.

After the exaggerations about their idiosyncrasies, the witty dialogues that come out of their mouths, and the wild situations they get involved in, we can easily believe that tedious neighbors Nobody lives here They exist like real people. And in the next building. We can in no way regard them as false fictional beings, because they are alive. and this entails the value of what reflects the world. Virtue before the golden age of television.

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