The future looks promising for the American director Joseph Kosinski after achieving the highest-grossing film of not only 2022 so far, but the long career of a celebrity like Tom Cruise chaining nearly fifty roles over more than four decades. We mean of course Top Shooter: Maverick. It has been a lot of rain since he devoted himself to developing television commercials such as remembered announcement for video game Gears of War With coating about the topic Crazy world from Tears for Fears as the soundtrack.

The latter received an award from the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) for the best visual effects that the director actively uses in his films. However, those who organize awards more or less importance in the world of cinema was hardly attached to his feature films. Although the latest ones have already managed to get into those that deliver Hollywood Critics Association With nomination for it.

His philosophy as a cinematic storyteller is quite clear from what he says. MTV. “When you make a film, you have to do what you want to see,” he said during the premiere. TRON: Legacy. But in another interview Vanity Fairhe explained, “Showing just enough to the audience to give them the promise of something unique that they wanted to see. But at the same time making sure that when they come to the film, they will be surprised by what they end up getting. “


The opinion of profile critics about the work of Joseph Kosinski

The numbers indicated in the section rotten tomatoes for critics, they are as follows regarding Joseph Kosinski’s films, ranking them from best to worst:

  1. Top Shooter: Maverick (2022): GPA 8.2 out of 10 in 432 reviews.
  2. heroes in hell (2017): average 7.1 in 164 reviews.
  3. oblivion (2013): average 5.9 in 258 reviews.
  4. TRON: Legacy (2010): average 5.8 in 248 reviews.
  5. spider head (2022): average 5.2 in 144 reviews.

Moviegoers Opinion Rotten Tomatoes

We return to rotten tomatoesbut this time for the first time ranging films by Joseph Kosinski according to user ratings:

  1. Top Shooter: Maverick: average score 4.9 out of 5 with over 50,000 votes.
  2. heroes in hell: half 4.3 with over 10,000 votes.
  3. TRON: Legacy: half 3.6 with over 100,000 votes.
  4. oblivion: half 3.5 with over 100,000 votes.
  5. spider head: half 2.5 with over 500 votes.
joseph kosinski movie rating best gun: maverick spider head throne: legacy of oblivion

Opinion of moviegoers IMDb

On the other hand, it is data that you also provide to us. IMDb to public opinion:

  1. Top Shooter: Maverick: average score 8.6 out of 10 with 243,491 votes.
  2. heroes in hell: half 7.6 with 68,442 votes.
  3. oblivion: half 7 with 518,648 votes.
  4. TRON: Legacy: half 6.8 with 334,014 votes.
  5. spider head: half 5.4 with 42,889 votes.

FilmAffinity, the opinion of moviegoers

And finally, here we have the information that he offers us. FilmAffinity About Joseph Kosinski:

  1. Top Shooter: Maverick: average score 7.5 out of 10 with 6062 votes.
  2. heroes in hell: half 6.4 with 3714 votes.
  3. oblivion: half 5.8 with 46,160 votes.
  4. TRON: Legacy: half 5.6 with 26,800 votes.
  5. spider head: half 4.6 with 2463 votes.
joseph kosinski movie rating best gun: maverick spider head throne: legacy of oblivion

The Best and Worst of Joseph Kosinski

The opinion of specialized critics and moviegoers voting on other platforms than the Internet usually does not show so much unanimity as with five films by Joseph Kosinski. Except for the specific numbers of each, the order of one in rotten tomatoes and others in IMDb D FilmAffinity it’s a trace

The only difference is that the first visitors to the page post TRON: Legacy above oblivion. In any case, both professional analysts and Internet users who express their opinion about the three sites note that Top Shooter: Maverick This is the best American artist and spider headthe worst. And both, curiously, he shot in 2022.

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