Emergence of new platforms streaming and the richness of content offerings prompts from time to time to open up a discussion that seems endless: the quality of the films that are being made today. Matt Damon recently addressed this issue, explaining how the change in business has affected the approach to projects. Now, through his Twitter profile, he James Gunn which belongs to the present industry.

Filmmaker known for his work with guardians of the galaxyfrom the Marvel Cinematic Universe and suicide squad, from the DC Extended Universe, is one of the names of the film’s own creators who have a cinematic voice and at the same time can be matched with commercial proposals. Regarding his Twitter activity, James Gunn reflected on the quality of some contemporary films:

“If you saw how disorganized most productions are and how unfinished the scripts of most major films are when they start filming, you would understand why this is usually [la contratación de compositores musicales antes del proceso de edición] It’s not an option. This [desorganización] this is the number one reason for the deterioration of the quality of feature films, in my opinion“.

This was his response to a user question Mr Ribo1 to the question: “Why don’t studios/directors hire composers to write music before they release it?”

Other James Gunn’s Opinions on Directing

James Gunn twitter regular. On this platform, they are encouraged to share the progress of the projects they are working on, opinions, and even constantly interact with users who ask them questions. On August 27, the director read out a question from unbearableThat’s what it says: “At what point in your career did you learn to relax and delegate to the experts you helped hire to make your films? A lot of directors seem to have a problem with that.”

When questioned, Gunn said: “I’m not sure if the terms ‘relax’ and ‘leadership’ are the same, but as I get older, there are more and more people around me that I trust. Lars Winter and my costume designer Judianna Makovsky. To one degree or another, I delegate authority to people I trust, as well as control and manage.

Another of the director’s most striking comments concerned his colleagues in the profession:

Directing is a privilege, we are very lucky and there are many talented people who want to do it.. Seeing directors who are not grateful for this opportunity and do not respect the talent and hard work of others makes me very angry.”

James Gunn answered another question about the rigidity of the production:

“No (about whether all productions have to be hard). Different films have different moods. Personally, I have become more relaxed than before: I often change things on the set, which was heresy for me during the filming. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1. But preparation takes many forms: you can be free, but ready. There’s a difference between that and bullshit.”

Below is the entire thread of responses that James Gunn gave to user questions on Twitter:

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