After the presence of Zack Snyder on an episode of Teen Titans GO!the popular director has finally made an appearance in the series, and the clip featuring Snyder’s appearance has been released online.

Here is the video of Zack Snyder on an episode of Teen Titans GO!

In the video, we see the director meeting the Teen Titans group to show them a new movie he made with members of the Justice League. It’s a fun snippet and able to intrigue DC Comics fans.

In the episode, titled 365, the Teen Titans have to come to an agreement for the realization of the 365th episode of the series, and for this reason, by looking for a suitable director, they will have the opportunity to communicate with Zack snyder.

Remember that Teen Titans Go! will also continue for the eighth season, with the new episodes of the cartoon also revealing the presence of new characters, including King Shark and Beard Hunter.

The new season of the cartoon will also set a record for DC Comics productions as Teen Titans Go! it will be the publisher’s longest-running cartoon ever. In the eighth season, the cartoon will also reach the 400th episode.

Source: Lega Nerd

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