Perhaps, throughout the filming process, not only the plot, the development of characters, the cameraman’s task, but also, and especially, the personalities of the project participants, are better known. Although none of this is reflected in the film and everything remains between the cast and crew, there are anecdotes and moments that become part of the memory of these endeavors. One of those that have been found is related to James Cameron during development Avatar: the path of water.

Continuation Avatar (2009) will focus on the exploitation of Pandora, which could not be done in the first production. In this sense, one of the aspects that James Cameron insisted on is that most of the story will involve water. This is not only a useful resource from a narrative and even technical point of view, but also symbolic in the context of global warming.

Therefore, James Cameron’s team strove to innovate from a technological standpoint in order to create better shots, more compelling results, and, in fact, a production that surpasses what can be enjoyed today. This is your aspiration. This is not something new. He is recognized as a director who leaves some progress in the industry with his projects. This obsession during production Avatar: the path of wateralert some of those involved in the project.

James Cameron and production
from Avatar: the path of water

Joke about James Cameron and Avatar: the path of water dates back to 2012. This year the director made a trip to Mariana Trenchconsidered to be the deepest Land. So far everything seems to be fine. Detail? To get to this place, you need to dive seven miles below the surface. Another curiosity? According to information from Comicwas the first to do it alone.

  • Avatar 2scheduled for December 16, 2022.
  • Avatar 3scheduled for December 20, 2024.
  • Avatar 4scheduled for December 18, 2026.
  • Avatar 5calculated on December 22, 2028.

First successes Avatar: the path of water They have already said enough about the role that water and the depths will play in history. These are images in which the element is not only a resource, but also manifests itself as another character within the story. In no small part, this is, of course, due to the vision of James Cameron, as well as his obsessions.

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