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Bob Iger is once again the CEO of Disney and this could completely change the future of the company.


Bob IgerCEO of Disney for over 15 years, he left his position in 2020 after his contract expired. successor, Bob Chapek, was involved in various controversies and failed to achieve their goals. so now Bob Iger it is again Disney CEO. And things can change a lot… for the better.

It’s a back and forth that reminds us of what Steve Jobs did at Apple, where he was fired as CEO and returned shortly after.

Bob Iger’s contract was up when the pandemic started, and the board gave Bob Chapek an opportunity to focus. power the streaming platform Disney+:

The problem, analysts say, is that Chapek prioritizes streaming too much, damaging its relationship with the film industry and its own internal studios.

Chapek was the person who decided on Pixar’s films Red, Luca and Soul. will be streamed directlyWhich makes Pixar’s makers and creators feel so bad.

Other company films, for example light year anyone strange world, already released in theaters, a resounding box office debacleand some Marvel movies like Eternals or Black Adam didn’t have good reviews.

Apparently Bob Chapek He completely controlled what was aired in theatres, television or streaming, and with it the budget of each production. This took all power from the producersincreased discomfort.

To this we must add some political debates about the gay theme that the former CEO of Disney has, and incomprehensible statements such as saying that animated films are for children.

Bob Iger returns as CEO of Disney

After two years of bad management, Disney’s board of directors sacked Chapek to bring him back. Bob Iger. A decision that was applauded by all: internal studios, producers and fans.

According to the American press, Iger’s priority will be: animation studios regain trust and good reviews box office collection as well as previous years.

It will give producers more freedom so they decide on the content and propose a budget instead of imposing a budget that might not fit their needs as the previous CEO did.

return Bob Iger What Disney CEO This is great news for everyone. He is loved and respected by his employees and is the architect of Disney’s becoming the media giant it is today. Marvel oversaw the acquisition of Lucasfilm and 20th Century Foxamong other companies.

Source: Computer Hoy

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