Keanu Reeves returns to the role of John Wick in the fourth installment of the franchise, which promises not only to complete the story that made the saga famous. Also unlock the possibility of new story arcs, including even future spin-off. But it wasn’t all that simple and, in fact, the actor admitted in a recent interview that John Wick 4 this is “The hardest feature film he’s ever made.” Quite unexpected, given that the translator has a long and prolific career in action movies.

The statement was made at the height of the promotion John Wick 4 on the CCXP 2022 from Brazil. In addition to an interesting debate about what to expect from the future movieReeves too He spoke about the level of difficulty of the production.

In addition, he emphasized that the plot will turn into a “crazy journey” through the known universe of an assassin. Like a direct sequel Parabellum John Wick 4 follow the character in an attempt to escape from the organization high table. In addition to facing the legions of criminals that cross the world in search.

John Wick 4 This is the hardest film I’ve ever made,” Reeves said during a press conference discussion within the production team. Comic-Con Experience 2022. “In terms of action, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But that’s what makes it good.” He also added that this is a tour of all the great points of the saga. Something that includes the superbly choreographed action scenes and the technically outstanding car chases that have become the hallmark of the saga.

A new world for the most famous hitman in cinema

John Wick 4 It is nearing release and has no doubt become an obsession with its fans. There are enough reasons: after several successive delays – the most recent one by almost a year – the film one of the most anticipated in the coming months.

In addition, announcements of various spin-off and the ability to deepen the story makes the saga a rarity in the action genre. Much more so when you are trying to build a special world that follows its own rules and restrictions. Something that John Wick 4apparently, will make it more visual and will be an interesting moment for understanding history.

“This time we’ll see the organization high table using all your resources. So [hay] a lot of people are chasing John Wick,” Reeves said. “But really, for films John Wick, it’s just normal mechanics, right? So how do you do these scenes? This is a task that the team behind the camera has taken on with the utmost care.

John Wick and the Long Cruel Journey


So far, the franchise has featured sophisticated, gory, and brutal action scenes. In particular, in the way the killers relate to each other. The action takes place in a universe where a criminal organization has complete power over the criminal world. John Wick has a unique personality.

In addition, an elegant and well-constructed representation of the use of large sequences, including a hail of bullets and hand-to-hand combat. Something that, no doubt, the fourth part will take to a whole new dimension.

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