Avengers: Endgame It premiered in 2019, and after Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with its many ups and downs, we still miss Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). And while the character’s ultimate sacrifice was necessary, the question inevitably arises of what would have happened if he had survived.

Now the new theory explains that Tony Stark he was never supposed to die from exposure to the energy emitted by the six-gem Infinity Gauntlet. The answer lies in one of the events of the first film. Avengers. In it, you can see Loki trying to manipulate Iron Man’s mind without much success. Cause? His armor’s reactor is powered by the Tesseract, which contains a space stone.

All subsequent Iron Man armor built by Tony Stark uses the same principle and is powered by the Space Stone. Theoretically, this would be enough to counter the energy emitted by the Infinity Gauntlet. This is similar to why the Hulk was able to endure it too thanks to the massive amount of gamma radiation he was exposed to.

The Tony Stark/Iron Man story would always end the same way

But the reality is that even if Tony Stark had withstood the massive amount of energy emitted by the Infinity Gauntlet, the character’s story would always end the same way. Marvel Studios and Tony Stark agreed to his departure long before the film’s release.

Kevin FeigeThe president Marvel Studios explained in an interview with the magazine EmpireHow was the process? During recording Captain America: Civil Warin 2015 he suggested it to Robert Downey Jr. Part of his inspiration for Tony Stark’s departure was the movie Loganwhere do we see the end Wolverine.

“We saw Logan as the audience saw him, in a theater completely unrelated to the production of the film, and we thought, ‘What an amazing ending for Hugh.’ [Jackman]’. There are very few examples where an actor so connected to a character manages to say goodbye so perfectly, and Logan is the only one that comes to mind. That’s what we wanted to give Robert, that was our main goal.”

And, boy, did they succeed. The way Robert Downey Jr says goodbye to Tony Stark/Iron Man is absolutely iconic and hard to compare, even surpass. But it’s inevitable to think about what would happen today if the character never died.

Source: Hiper Textual

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