As rumors have circulated for years gladiator there will be a sequel The information comes directly from its director, who assured that the film is in the early stages of production. In addition, it will officially begin filming in 2023 in the city of Ouarzazate (Morocco), known as “Moroccan Hollywood”.

This will be a location change that will keep costs down and create the right setting for the passage of time in Gladiator history. “I imagined a timeless setting that all the characters can return to,” he explained.

Always, according to Scott, the sequel will have the original cast. Russell Crowe will reprise his role as Maximo Decimus Meridio, though it’s unclear how. As we remember, his character dies during the events gladiator. The same can be said for the figure of Joaquin Phoenix, who returns to filming to reprise his role as Commodo. Finally, Scott assured that Djimon Hounsou and Connie Nielsen would also be part of the story.

Between desert sands and mysterious gladiator fights

Of course, it’s a long way to go to give you a second look at one of the most beloved stories in today’s film world. In 2000 gladiator he wowed audiences and critics with his combination of historical epic and sensibility. Which makes its sequel quite a challenge to the imagination, especially for a new generation of moviegoers.

Turns out the new movie gladiator It is in the early stages of production. For now, the details of his plot are being kept under wraps. The only thing that has come to light so far is that The new story takes place a quarter of a century after the events of the original. In addition, screenwriter Peter Craig is responsible for the story.

Despite doubts that the cinematic experiment Gladiators 2what is certain is that late sequels are currently enjoying significant success. So much Top Shooter: Maverick What kind Avatar 2: Water Sense They became box office and public successes. From which it becomes clear that Scott is just as determined to revive one of his most beloved storylines.

Hard way through the years

Production gladiator 2 will start filming after Napoleon, Scott’s latest project. Which, of course, would be a record for the director. By the time filming begins, the director will be over 85 years old.. Which will make him, along with Clint Eastwood and Bela Tarr, one of the longest-lived directors in modern cinema.

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