The end of the year is just around the corner, and for this reason Netflix made famous what movies and series were the most watched in 2022. The video streaming platform also divided its ranking into English and foreign. This allows us to visualize what content, despite having a language other than English, has also triumphed in much of the world.

As for the top 10 series, there aren’t too many surprises here. stranger things 4 takes first place, which shows that he is still the main banner of Netflix. The fourth season did not leave viewers unsatisfied, as the story, set in Hawkings, began to close the story arcs of many characters, leaving no unexpected twists aside. Let’s not forget that the next few episodes will be the last.

What really surprises is the first season Wednesday. Although its premiere took place relatively recently, it was enough to sneak up to the second position on the list. It becomes clear that it is very profitable to revive franchises that were very popular decades ago. In third place is a series based on the brutal story of Jeffrey Dahmer, which has been a topic of discussion all over the Internet for several weeks. Ratings below:

The most watched series of 2022:

Netflix series in English:

  1. stranger things 4.
  2. Wednesdayseason 1.
  3. Dahmer.
  4. bridgertonsseason 2.
  5. Inventing Anna.
  6. ozarkSeason 4
  7. Observerseason 1.
  8. Sadmanseason 1.
  9. Umbrella AcademySeason 3
  10. virgin riverSeason 4

Row Netflix Foreigners:

  1. We are all deadseason 1.
  2. Extraordinary Prosecutor Wuseason 1.
  3. marked heartseason 1.
  4. Until money do us partseason 1.
  5. EliteSeason 5
  6. heatwaveseason 1.
  7. Companyseason 1.
  8. offerseason 1.
  9. Wrong side of tracksseason 1.
  10. Welcome to Edenseason 1.

Most watched movies on Netflix in 2022:

gray man

In terms of movies, Netflix threw the house out of the window with invisible agentand the investment was profitable. The latest film by Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans tops the list of feature films in English. follows him Project AdamRyan Reynolds, and broken hearts. Tinder scammersubject of debate after the premiere, finished in fifth place. pinocchio D Daggers in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Bow They did not have time to enter, because its premiere was not long ago.

Top foreign movies on Netflix in 2022 top troll, whose cast consists of Ine Marie Wilmann, Kim Falk and Mads Sjögård Pettersen. In second place he accompanies her No news at the fronta violent story set during the First World War.

Movies Netflix in English:

  1. invisible agent (gray man in Spanish America).
  2. Project Adam.
  3. broken hearts.
  4. Claw.
  5. Tinder scammer.
  6. sea ​​monster (sea ​​monster in Spanish America).
  7. Enola Holmes 2.
  8. older years.
  9. The man from Toronto.
  10. Day shift.

Movies Netflix Foreigners:

  1. Troll.
  2. No news at the front.
  3. black crab.
  4. through my window.
  5. incompatible 2.
  6. adult love.
  7. sump.
  8. my name is revenge.
  9. without a break.
  10. furiosa.
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