After years of waiting for a film adaptation Last of us, from HBO Max, is finally here and you can already see our recap of the first episode. The series was received very positively by viewers, making it the highest rated video game adaptation in history. This is something that some video game franchises have been trying to achieve for years, but have never been able to. Now, in addition to being the most qualified, also was named HBO’s third biggest premiere since it began its journey into the video streaming world..

According to WarnerMedia, Last of us debuted with an audience of 4.7 million viewers., adding regular TV and the HBO Max service. was only surpassed dragon housespin-off Game of Thrones, which drew an incredible 9.9 million people. Second, we find Boardwalk Empireseries released in 2010 and ended in 2014. At the time of its premiere, it added an estimated 4.81 million viewers to the now-defunct HBO Go channel.

Despite what is considered hit, series Euphoria HBO Max barely manages to beat half of the audience reached Last of us in the premiere release. Of course, this first contact is not enough to predict the evolution of the series’ fan base in future episodes. However, HBO series that premiere on Sunday nights typically have an audience of 20% to 40% of the total audience per episode.

Last of us becomes a success for HBO as well as future video game adaptations.

Last of us

Obviously the success Last of us on the platform he was seen approaching. The series, in addition to being based on one of the most beloved and highly acclaimed games in video game history, also boasts a top-notch cast. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay walk the screen as Joel and Ellie, respectively.. Both stars have already appeared in major productions such as Game of Thronesand now they are under the same brand again.

In addition, the first impressions of the press also gave a good boost to the series. Positive reviews followed one after another in the media, which aroused great curiosity among the rest of the audiencewho were more willing to watch the series and check its quality.

Few adaptations for the small or large screen have received as good reviews as Last of us. MysticalNetflix series based on League of Legends, it may be the only one that compares to it. Let’s see if future adaptations of other video game franchises take into account what HBO Max and PlayStation Productions have done well. it goes beyond being very true to the video game.

Last of us This is the premiere of the year and you can only see it on HBO Max.

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