Paramount Pictures has been betting on productions based on novels for several years. Tom Clancy. While it’s true that video games were the medium that benefited the most from these stories, the production company intends to make the most of them on the big screen. That’s the reason they gave the green light in the past movie Rainbow Six. However, now they have found their director, one of the most famous in the modern action movie.

According to Hollywood Reporterexactly this Chad Stahelskiwho you probably think is responsible for the trilogy John Wick. It’s common knowledge that the Keanu Reeves-starring saga has established itself as one of the most representative in action movies. Thus, the American director will also be responsible for directing the film adaptation of the novel. Rainbow Six.

Today, Chad Stahelski is one of the most sought-after directors in Hollywood. Beyond the feature film Rainbow Six and the next trilogy John Wickthe director also commissioned Sony Pictures to make a film about Ghost of Tsushima, based on the popular PlayStation video game. In mid-2022, he promised to respect the Japanese language of the original work, a decision that was welcomed by fans.

The cited media mentions that the film Rainbow Six It is produced by Elizabeth Raposo, Akiva Goldsman, Greg Lessance, Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec. Executive production is directed by Chad Stahelski, Jason Spitz and Alex Young.

Same, Michael B. Jordan will be the main character Rainbow Six. Recall that the popular actor is already part of the universe of productions based on the works of Tom Clancy, since in 2021 he gave life to John Clark in No regrets. His reception, yes, created a division of opinion. All in all, it was a movie that didn’t exceed expectations.

The foregoing, however, did not stop Paramount’s efforts to continue exploring the narratives raised by the American writer. His perseverance is based, perhaps, on success Jack Ryan. Amazon series with John Krasinski, as opposed to No regretssucceeded in attracting public interest. maybe Rainbow Six achieve the same popularity? We will see…

Of course, signing Chad Stahelski increases the anticipation Rainbow Six; especially for the great work he did in the saga John Wick. Of course, it also adds points to have the cast led by Michael B. Jordan, who will reprise the role of the aforementioned CIA agent John Clark. Of course, he does not lose interest in finding out who will be the actors that make up the rest of the cast.

Another issue that remains unresolved is its availability. No regrets This happened with Amazon Prime Video because theaters were completely hit by the pandemic at the time. However, now the picture is different. THR what Paramount is still exploring the idea of ​​a release Rainbow Six via streaming —probably at Paramount+—. The source notes that the final decision will be made during the production process.

Source: Hiper Textual

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