Success Top Shooter: Maverick continues to resonate and generate reflections. Many of them are associated with Tom Cruise, its protagonist and cinematic experience. The actor from the very beginning stated that the film was created for viewing in cinemas, and not on ordinary screens. This interest supported him at a time when streaming was on the rise.

This moment was a topic that Tom Cruise referred to again in the program. Jimmy Kimmel. The presenter treated the actor as “the only one”. This is the correct accuracy: there is currently no similar figure if you look at his career, vocation and the way he works. You must remember that all risk scenes that you can shoot without stuntmen are recorded.

Playing with this feature, one of Jimmy Kimmel’s first questions was:Did you risk your life today?“. Joking aside, this is also a description of Tom Cruise’s profile regarding the various risks he takes. During one of the meetings organized in connection with the awards season, Steven Spielberg and the actor crossed. The director told him, “You saved Hollywood’s ass,” a phrase that the host remembered and led to a thoughtful conversation.

Top Shooter: MaverickTom Cruise, conclusion and cinematic experience

Premiere Top Shooter: Maverick it was scheduled for 2020. That year, the world was affected by a pandemic COVID-19 and the need to establish lockdown cycles to prevent the spread of the virus. In this context, as we remember, the gathering of people in enclosed spaces was prohibited. Cinemas, like many other places, are closed.

Over time, the preventive measures were extended. From the commercial side of the film industry, there has been pressure and a need to disclose content. Target? Get some financial benefit. So, the studios began to cancel premieres on the big screen in order to transfer them to the sites. streaming. The most relevant cases may be muleToNo And black Widowboth from Disney.

This was the time when mainstream entertainment was consumed through screens. Tom Cruise spoke out against this dynamic by defending Top Shooter: Maverick It was a movie made to be shown in theaters. During his time on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, the actor reflected on the incident again:

“The public has waited 34 years [por la secuela de Top Gun]. I thought it would be nice to add a couple [de años] further“,

Tom Cruise to Jimmy Kimmel.

Given this comment, Kimmel proposed a hypothetical scenario in which this reality of confinement would last ten years. What would Tom Cruise do?

It would set her back ten years. It’s made for the big screen. We all did it for the cinemas. […] I make films for the audience, for all of you (he said, looking at the audience). With pleasure. I just want to entertain them.”

Tom Cruise to Jimmy Kimmel.

The game was an undeniable commercial success: Top Shooter: Maverick has grossed nearly $1.5 billion since its release.. But its influence is explained not only by this number. The production produced an effect that is difficult to measure, associated with the salvation of the cinematic experience as a collective meeting. On this occasion, Tom Cruise said:

“We wanted to make sure the audience was ready to leave the house (at the time of the premiere). (…) I think the success of the film has given me hope and made me think about what others movies attract audience to theaters. Top Shooter: Maverick It conveyed security and was reminiscent of those films that the public had forgotten about during their imprisonment.”

Tom Cruise to Jimmy Kimmel.

Top Shooter: Maverick nominated in 6 categories for the next Oscar.

Source: Hiper Textual

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