First season Last of us It’s over. Before the premiere of the eighth and final episode, the biggest question was whether Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, showrunners of the series, would respect the game’s closure. This “fear” arose because, as you probably know, the directors allowed themselves to change some events.

However, the ending remained almost the same as in The Last of Us Part 1; except for some details that are not very important. However, in an interview with G.K., Craig Mazin admitted that they were considering extending it slightly..

Both the series and the game end when Joel lies to Ellie about what happened to the Fireflies. The scene, full of tension due to the obvious lies in the facts told by Joel, ends abruptly. However, Ali Abbasi, director of the final episode, wanted continue sequence showing both characters going to Jackson separately; meaning Ellie isn’t entirely convinced of what she heard.

“Ali Abbasi, our director, thought of a longer and sadder version where Ellie says ‘okay’ and then turns and walks away. And Joel takes care of her. We see them walking towards Jackson. Not together, but apart. The scene lingers and then everything disappears. There was something wonderful about it.”

Craig Mazin.

Last of us

To be honest, this is a slight deviation from the end. The Last of Us Part 1 it would meet with a positive response. First of all, because it does not change the narrative, but complements it and makes it clear that Ellie doubts Joel.

Why didn’t you bet on change? According to Mazin himself, the ending of the game had too much weight in the discussions, so they decided not to make any changes. This is definitely an iconic moment for fans of the franchise, and the start of things The Last of Us Part 2.

Mazin even mentions that they put themselves at the feet of the fans. What will they think when they see a different ending, will there be a negative reaction? Thus, in order to avoid any inconvenience, they decided to follow the original suggestion.

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He also spoke on the subject Neil Druckman, who, along with Bruce Straley, wrote the screenplay for The Last of Us Part 1 in Naughty Dog. The creative mentions the key difference between the game and the series. When they were developing the first part, they weren’t sure if there would be a sequel. With television production, on the contrary, it is known that there will be more seasons. Therefore, the ending is perceived differently, mainly by those who have already had the opportunity to enjoy the gaming experience.

“When we made the game and the end came, no one knew if we were going to make another game. So I think it was easier for people to accept that it wasn’t cliffhangerIt’s a fitting ending. At this point, they may say, “You left us with cliffhanger‘ since they know a second season is coming. It will be interesting to see if this means people will have a different reaction.

Neil Druckman.

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