Apparently, a 27-year-old man died. poisoning, after making a bet sexual fantasy cwith a woman, another man and a gas tank motel, located on the old road Bukaramanga.
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A man named Sánchez entered the facility at around four in the afternoon on June 30 with a 55-gallon metal tank with two small holes. The victim told the employees at the motel that the item would be used for sexual fantasy.

In the following hours, the couple entered the room. Looks like they’re having sex, while Sánchez visualize the action from the tank.

Three hours later the couple leaves the workplace, the victim is still in the room and the venue staff confirms why she did not leave.

Authorities are aware of this The tank is closed and in it Mr. Sánchez is unconscious. who was taken to a clinic but without vital signs.

“According to the doctors at the care centre, the victim had a smell of chemicals and apparently it was due to drunkenness,” the police report says.

For now, the person is presumed to have died by accident, but it is being investigated whether it was murder, but there is no sign of violence on the victim.


Source: Exame

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