Lina Katherine Segura, 20, was found dead in a hotel room. Barbosa, Santander, where I work as a receptionist.

There is not much information about this young woman, who is the mother of two little girls, one of them three and the other five.

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According to the victim’s grandfather, Luis Alberto Segura Romero, authorities told him that the death did not occur naturally because they had found clues as to why he would die. mechanical asphyxia.

“They thought it was a natural death, but then they found a few things, they eliminated that, allegedly died because he was strangled to death“They didn’t say we wouldn’t be able to see him when they put a towel or rag on him,” the family member told EL TIEMPO.

Lina Katherine lived three years ago Barbosa, Santander, with her three-year-old daughter. Relatives said that the minor’s relations with his father were good and that they did not suspect him.

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Another suspicion that this was a murder was the victim’s cell phone not showing up and the last time she spoke to relatives in Caquetá was the day she was found dead.

I turn the phone, it’s ringing, nobody picks up the phone doesn’t pick up and she was in constant communication with her aunt even before she died. We don’t know if he’s trying to defend himself.”

Relatives of the young woman from Izmir cake, they want and demand justice before his death, which is still a mystery.

“We want the criminals to come out. He had an affair, but we have no information, they were friends with the boy’s father. There are several suspects, we were in the hotel and there is no camera here, there is only one camera from the hotel right away, and the police already have it,” he concluded.

EL TIEMPO – Bucaramanga correspondent

Source: Exame

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