In May, two shots recorded in the United States traveled the world. The first of these Registered in a supermarket in the American town of Buffalo (New York), An 18-year-old man entered with heavy weapons and shot everyone who came in his way.

Most of his victims were African-American, so he will be investigated as a hate crime and a case of “racially motivated violent extremism.”

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According to authorities, the attacker traveled several hours to reach the “Tops” supermarket. When he got out of his vehicle, he was “heavily armed with tactical gear. He was wearing a military helmet and was carrying a live-streaming camera” on Amazon’s Twitch platform.

He shot four people, killing three, in the parking lot of the mall, and then entered the building and continued shooting. The killer shot his victims in the head to make sure they were dead regardless of their condition.

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The second case that shocked the world in May occurred at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. There, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos opened fire on campus children and teachers before he died on the spot.

This new fact caused 21 deaths: 19 children and two teachers.A new incident was recorded in Charleston, West Virginia, on Wednesday, May 25, as the debate about guns resurfaces in the US.

There, 37-year-old Dennis Butler opened fire on a group of 40 people at a party with an AR-15 rifle.

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According to the authorities, the attacker had driven past the scene with his car hours before the scene. There they stopped him and asked him to slow down as there were children playing on the road.

Butler then returned with his AR-15 rifle, parked it in front of the party venue and started shooting. At that moment, one of the assistants shot at the shooter, seriously injuring him.


Butler died at the scene, while the woman who shot herself remained at the scene awaiting authorities.

“Instead of fleeing the threat, he dedicated himself and saved several lives,” chief detectives Tony Hazelett told the media.

Source: Exame

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