Sony has formalized the development of the TV series on god of warthe famous video game series will be produced in collaboration with Amazon Prime video and it will be a live action adaptation. At this point, many are wondering who will play Kratos.

In these hours many names have been mentioned by fans, but one in particular seems to have convinced a large part of the fans. This is the American actor and ex-wrestler Dave Bautista who, in fact, seems to have all the credentials to play the protagonist of the Santa Monica series. On the matter spurred on by a video launched by Comicbook, the actor replied that he would be willing to take on this new challenge, without giving it too much thought.

According to people’s opinion, [davanti a me] practically everyone would be there. But hey, I like to show people be wrongthe actor reported.

In short, it looks like the Drax actor would no doubt be happy to be able to play Kratos in the TV series of god of warmuch to the delight of the fans who hope that Sony can really make the famous actor’s wish come true Hollywood.

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Source: Lega Nerd

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