EA SPORTS launches FC 24 Mobile for iPhone and iPad with news and giveaways

After the huge success of FC 24, EA SPORTS has re-adapted its mobile version for iPhone and iPad.

EA SPORTS officially launches FC 24 for mobile

EA Sports revolutionized the world with the long-awaited release of its famous game FC 24 on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC. Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated sports games in the world, if not the most. The old FIFA is succeeding in its style and many players are already focusing on completing goals to acquire icons like Ronaldinho and opening packs to build their clubs with the best players in history.

Now, after the success of the console version… EA SPORTS presents FC 24 Mobile for mobile devices. A great game available from today, September 26, 2023It’s completely free on the iOS and iPadOS App Store. A golden opportunity to test the graphics engine of the A17 Pro chip of Apple’s new iPhone 15 Pro…

FC 24 Mobile: downloads, news and free packs

Yes, EA SPORTS also changed the name of the legendary FIFA. It will take some time for players to get used to the new name. They would meet up in the afternoons “to have some fun” fifites“with colleagues. Who knows, maybe the FIFA nomenclature will last forever…

New FC 24 Mobile news from EA SPORTS


Viking beast Haaland featured in original FC 24 game

Whatever the case, curiosity aside, the arrival of the new FC 24 was accompanied by its mobile version, EA SPORTS FC Mobile 24. The renewed delivery comes to the App Store completely free of charge and with very interesting new features.

While Haaland is on the cover of FC 24, the main protagonist of FC 24 Mobile is good old Vini Jr. If it’s already one of the football games with the best graphics for iPhone and iPad, now it’s going to get even better. FC 24 Mobile A much more immersive experience with visual and rendering improvements that bring the mobile game a little closer to the more powerful console versions.

EA SPORTS has significantly improved the visual appearance of the grass and implemented new practices. climate impacts like fog to provide a much more realistic feel. also added Lighting and physics effects for the castle network. Scoring a great goal will be more amazing than ever!

“EA SPORTS FC™ MOBILE 24 has arrived! Play to win the “founders pack” and start your journey with a global star. Welcome to the club.”

Now the mobile version of FC 24 for iPhone and iPad includes the following competition: UEFA Champions League!

Other game improvements

  • Dynamic game speed: The flow of the game has been redefined.
  • Elite Shooting System: A more realistic shooting system that better reflects real-world situations and rewards smarter shooting decisions.
  • Players’ personality: It reflects its characteristic features thanks to its greater impact on its qualities and diversity of animations.
  • Immersive streaming experience: Improved goal replays and dynamic camera angles.
  • Effect checks: New controls such as powerful shots, hard tackles and self-directed passes.

FC 24 Mobile: New welcome event

In other news, EA SPORTS announced a new welcome event at FC Mobile 24. boosters, special gifts, challenges and welcome players.

Download FC 24 Mobile

FC Mobile is fully available on iPhone and iPad free. You can get FC 24 Mobile from the App Store via the download button below:

Here’s everything you need to know about EA SPORTS’ revamped FC Mobile 24. Now if you’re tired of playing the original FC 24 on console or need to leave the house, you can watch Mbappé, Haaland and Vini Jr. from your iPhone or iPad. You can continue scoring goals with .

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