Times Higher Education (THE) company published the results THE World University Rankings 2024where they appear 21 Colombian universities. And this time, the list got a big surprise: A regional university ranked second best in the country, above traditionally top-ranked institutions.

This Universidad de la Costa has managed to position itself as not only the second best university in the country, but also the number 10 in Latin America. Only Below Universidad de Los Andes, which appears in the highest positionand ranks eighth in the region.

They are followed by Icesi and Antioquia universities, while the National University of Colombia surprisingly ranks seventh in the country.given that this has historically been considered the foremost public institution.

A total of 1,904 universities from 108 countries and regions were included in this year’s global rankings, making it the largest ranking in the rankings’ 20-year history.

It is worth remembering that THE world rankings evaluate universities with a high level of research based on 18 levels of performance indicators grouped into five pillars: teaching, research quality, research environment, international perspective and industry. The five new metrics include three metrics that analyze research quality and one that examines patents in the industry.

In this ranking of ideas, Colombian universities stand out in terms of research quality as well as international perspective. However, they still have a lot to improve in terms of research and teaching environment.

Speaking about this, Phil Baty, chief information officer at Times Higher Education, commented: ““Overall, we see a continuous improvement in universities in Latin America, with some countries performing much better than last year, such as the case of Colombia.”

It is important to note that in all university rankings, including THE’s, starting from specific positions the list indicates the range of positions the university holds, not the exact position. For example, 801-1,000 means the organization is ranked among these positions worldwide.

When analyzing data from a country such as Colombia, it is stated which universities in the same range have better performance than others. So there may be two national institutions in the 801-1,000 range, but the list shows which one is above the other.

one. Universidad de los Andes (between 801-1,000 worldwide)
2. Coast University (801-1,000)
3. University of Ichi (1,001 – 1,200)
4. University of Antioquia (1,201-1,500)
5. University of Cartagena (1,201-1,500)
6. University of Rosario (1,201-1,500)
7. National University (1,201-1,500)
8. Pontifical Javeriana University (1,201-1,500)
9. Antonio Nariño University (1,500+)
10. University of Caldas (1,500+)
eleven. CES University (1,500+)
12. Eafit University (1,500+)
13. University of El Bosque (1,500+)
14. Santander Industrial University (UIS) (1,500+)
fifteen. Norte University (1,500+)
16. Military University of Nueva Granada (1,500+)
17. University of Pedagogy and Technology (1,500+)
18. Pontifical Bolivarian University (1,500+)
19. Universidad de la Sabana (1,500+)
twenty. Pereira University of Technology (1,500+)
twenty one. Universidad del Valle (1,500+)

This year, there are 197 universities from 15 countries in the region. Brazil has the most institutions in the ranking with 56 institutions. Chile ranks second with 28 universities, up from 23 last year. Colombia ranks third with 21 points and Mexico ranks fourth with 20 points.

The best university in Latin America is the University of São Paulo, a Brazilian university that almost breaks into the top 200 universities in the world, ranking between 201 and 250 in the largest ranking in World University history. Rankings are from Times Higher Education (THE).

The University of Campinas, also in Brazil, is the second-best university in Latin America, ranked in the 351 to 400 group, having previously been ranked in the 401 to 500 group.

The best-ranked university in Chile and the third in Latin America is Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, ranked between 401 and 500.

As such, Colombia has the third best performance in the region, with two institutions in the top 10 seen below:

one. University of São Paulo (Brazil) (201-250)
2. University of Campinas (Brazil)
3. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Chile)
4. Paulista State University (UNESP) (Brazil)
5. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
6. Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
7. Monterrey Institute of Technology (Mexico)
8. University of Los Andes (Colombia)
9. University of Chile (Chile)
10. Coast University (Colombia)

– Inside Peru Located in the 1,001 to 1,200 group is Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia.

– Inside Ecuador This is the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in the 1,001 to 1,200 group.

– Inside Jamaica Located in the group between 1,001 and 1,200 is the University of the West Indies.

– Inside Costa Rica Located between 1,201 and 1,500 is the University of Costa Rica.

– Inside Porto Rico It is the University of Puerto Rico in the 1,201 to 1,500 group.

– Inside Argentina These are the National University of Litoral, the National University of Córdoba, and the National University of San Martín, consisting of more than 1,501 people.

– Inside Cuba It is the University of Havana in the 1,501+ group.

– Inside Venezuelan Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela in the 1.501+ group.

The University of Oxford in the United Kingdom is the highest ranked university in the world in the World University Rankings; Stanford University comes in second, making it the highest-ranked university in the United States. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ranks third.

one. Oxford University (United Kingdom)
2. Stanford University (United States)
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT (United States)
4. Harvard University (United States)
5. University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
6. Princeton University (United States)
7. California Institute of Technology – CalTECH (United States)
8. Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
9. University of California, Berkeley (United States)
10. Yale University (United States)
eleven. ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
12. Tsinghua University (China)
13. University of Chicago (United States)
14. Peking University (China)
fifteen. Johns Hopkins University (United States)
16. University of Pennsylvania (United States)
17. Columbia University (United States)
18. University of California, Los Angeles (United States)
19. National University of Singapore (Singapore)
twenty. Cornell University (United States)


Source: Exame

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