There was a world of video games I’ve been waiting a long time for ‘Disney Speedstorm’ to come for free.

As stated on the ‘Área Jugones’ portal, this game can be played for several months if the ‘founders’ option is paid.

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Most people will now be able to access the video game in ‘free to play’ mode, so that’s what you should do. Download according to the portal mentioned above, depending on the console you want to play on.

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For ‘PlayStation’, you can download it on ‘PlayStation 4’ and ‘PlayStation 5’ by going to ‘PS Store’ on the console and searching for the video game in the store.

‘On Xbox, you can access it if you have it. ‘Xbox One’ and ‘Xbox Series’ console, you can enter ‘Xbox Store’ It is already available on console and in the store.

You can enter ‘eShop’ on the ‘Nintendo Switch’ console Look for Disney ‘Speed ​​Storm’ inside the console and in the store.

You can buy it for PC from the ‘Epic Games Store’, directly or from the ‘Valve’ store.

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You can purchase this game directly from the websites of the above-mentioned consoles. The video game can be played for free since September 28

According to ‘Nintendo’ portal, This video game is based on a racing world where different levels are available different Disney characters, such as:

Beast, Belle, Hercules, Megara, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Mulan, Li Shang, Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swan, Mowli, Baloo, Mike Wazowski, Sulley, Randall, Celia Mae and Figment.

Moreover, this video game has the possibility to choose what kind of runner you want. Become an acrobat, fighter, speedster and defender with whom you can fight at your best against your friends or acquaintances.


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Source: Exame

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