New EA SPORTS UFC 5 available starting October 27. Powered by the Frostbite engine, this new game not only promises but also delivers a gaming experience that exceeds expectations, thanks to next-generation console graphics that capture the essence and intensity of real combat.

The True Effect System is undoubtedly one of the most impressive developments in this game.Players will not only see, but feel every blow, every cut, and every bruise.

With over 64,000 possible facial damage combinations, originality and detail are unmatched. For example: A well-placed blow can cause a broken nose or a swollen eye. These injuries are not just cosmetic; Depending on their severity, they can affect the fighter’s performance and, in extreme cases, lead the referee to stop the fight for medical evaluation.

Significant developments were also seen in the game. Movements from ground and slam elbows to spin attacks feel more fluid and realistic than ever. And for those who enjoy the art of grappling, the game has transformed ground technique. Submissions are now smoother, mini-games are eliminated and a more tactical and strategic combat experience is offered.

Beyond pure combat, UFC 5 offers an immersive experience with the introduction of Fight Week. This immersive feature connects players to real UFC events, offering challenges and content that mirror existing fights and rivalries in the real world.

As players progress, they have the opportunity to earn a wide variety of rewards that reflect iconic moments in their careers, from in-game currencies to special customizations and fighter alter egos.

Online Career Mode is another long-awaited addition to make an appearance in UFC 5. Here, players will have the opportunity to forge their own path by taking on opponents from around the world, adapting and customizing their fighters as they progress on their journey. title.

Definitely, UFC 5 is an action game that allows you to feel the real damage of opponents, but also allows you to develop combat strategies. For example, if our opponent has a cut on his eye, we can try to win by hitting the wound forcefully and frequently.

Basic punches (punches and kicks) are mapped to the main control buttons. In our tested case on Xbox Series

It sounds complicated at first, but after a few fights you can master it fluently, getting a lot of combinations and high-damage blows. However, there are also times when arms or legs lose their natural shape or movement due to glitches or jumps in the animation.

Despite this, it is a game that will provide hours of entertainment and is worth playing.

EA SPORTS UFC 5 is not just a game; It’s an experience. From meticulous injury details to fluid presentations, from weekly challenges that reflect the real world to online races, everything is designed to deliver an authentic and immersive combat experience.

Source: Exame

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