After Gustavo Bolivar was defeated at the ballot box, he criticized the situation and even said that the Pact had been broken. Two days after coming third in the elections, the former senator spoke to EL TIEMPO and described his mistakes, those of the Pact and even the Pact itself. President Gustavo Petro. He maintained his thesis that the left coalition was falling apart and that they needed to re-evaluate some points for 2026 due to “lack of leadership”.

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To our surprise, we had other different measurements as well. This is the result, and if we accept this, there is nothing left.

The money from the campaign arrived very close to us almost 15 days ago, and we did not have time to react and invest in the small number of resources that were the product of the loan. Secondly, Claudia López was very talented at turning the subway issue into a plebiscite, shamelessly participating in politics, and that’s why I reported her to the Attorney General’s Office. Even though I wasn’t talking, he went to every station to tell them not to vote for the candidate who would stop the subway. And the Chinese president cooperated in this matter. In trying to improve the situation, he made it worse. People don’t understand that the underground metro is better and they want the other one that comes on foot.. Later, the story that we were going to stop the subway turned into a plebiscite and they beat us on that side.

No, he wasn’t wrong. On the contrary, he took advantage of it. He used the President’s wish. Imagine saying in the middle of election week that he wants to build an underground subway and will finance it, and then wisely says not to vote for the candidate who wants to stop the subway. The chorus was made by Galán, who said he would not stop the subway. This affected last week.

I think this happened. I didn’t feel like I was from China and didn’t know what the atmosphere was like here. He did this because the underground metro is actually better for us. A thousand times better. We lacked the decency not to do this before the elections. So I had to go to the notary to say that I would not do this. There were also many lies and the candidates resorted to anti-Petrism. You’re asking me about a quote from them and I don’t remember. I have not heard a proposal from them in 25 debates. These were lies, such as that Bolivar was hostile to the CAI or that the president would pay them not to kill. It was a series of lies that we were not effective at denying. We didn’t have enough money to deny this with advertising.

Partly it is. Moreover, we made a miscalculation with the congress members. We planned with many of us that as soon as the first round passed, they would come to Bogota and work because everyone was promoting in their areas. For example, Alexander López Valle supported their candidacy. When I asked him why he wasn’t cooperating, he told me: “If you pass the second round, I’ll lock myself in there with you.” However, no one thought there would be a second round. Our calculation failed.

Exactly the same.

None of them thought that there would be a second round, and they openly told me that they supported their candidacy and that they would all come to Bogota to cooperate in the second round, but they did not have time for that.

I think he ran a very efficient and effective, good campaign. It reached young people from the middle and upper classes. I have no complaints about Oviedo.

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There were lies in the Galán case, he lied a lot during the campaign and Bogotá will know it. For example, in the first debate of Semana, he said yes to Transmilenio for the Seventh, there are images. As you can see, the issue has become unpopular and for the seventh time we have raised the flags against Transmilenio., began to say no to Transmilenio in the Seventh. He has decided on no and says he will do so as the winner anyway. I told him that whoever lied in the campaign also lied in government and they would see that. They are functional for Peñalosa buses, which is a bus financing problem for contractors.

He is a smart and hot guy. I believe he will be a very good council member. But I don’t know if I will be in the opposition, I don’t see it that way. He has a speech very similar to Galán’s.

There is disappointment. Among other things, one of the things that affects Bogotá the most is the price of gasoline. What I felt on the street was that they didn’t want to see us in middle-class neighborhoods because we were raising gas prices and ruining them. But it’s hard to sit down and explain to everyone that the country would collapse if we didn’t raise gas prices. The political situation has brought us down because the government is unpopular, which I think is unfair because the country is standing. This perception seems unfair to me, but the opposition has been smart about it and we have been ineffective in countering these stories. Whether it was Bolivar or any other surname, he had to be subjected to such an unpopular situation. Gasoline affected us a lot.

Yes, this was inevitable. It was partly this: partly the subway, partly the gas, partly the lies they told, because a lot of the things they said weren’t true.

Of course, people are wrong about many things. You learn as you go and there are things that are difficult for us. For example, I didn’t participate in some discussions because I felt that way. Germán Vargas Lleras’ strategy was to send Generals Vargas and Molano, especially Vargas, to prevent me from putting forward my arguments, as they accused me of taking the first place in every debate.. They wanted to portray Galán as a man who does not fight, and for this they sent an advance guard. The aim was to discredit me in every debate and so I thought why should I go to the debates when these guys were only here to undermine what I said. I prepared a lot, I traveled the world and had a lot to say, but they had a torpedoing mission. I don’t know if I did the right thing or the wrong thing by not going, but it was the price of my honor.

Definitely too much. Closed lists cannot be created without consultation. This broke the Pact. They may say it wasn’t broken, but the Pact broke it. How can they say the Pact is not broken when they suspend the two grand councilors, Carrillo and Celio, because of people hitchhiking?. In Bogotá the Pact was broken, the situation was the same in other regions. Making closed lists with a pencil disrupts any process. Citizens who felt injured went to other matches to get support. Many leaders have passed away.

There was victory this Sunday, but it wasn’t what we expected. I will talk about progress, not victory. If you look at what we had before, there was none of this. Today we have more, and that was a huge improvement. More progress could have been made if the Pact had been organized and internal consultations had been held. We would have made more progress if the processes were carried out with more democracy.

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We must rebuild, and we have time to do it. But if we do not realize this and do not criticize ourselves, then what will we reassemble? If everything is perfect for Racero and María José, we’re done. TTo gather the leadership we long for, we must first self-criticize and tour the country.. We must unite the movement and make internal arrangements for ourselves so that there are consultations and, most importantly, unify the legal entities. If we don’t, nothing will happen because we can’t form a coalition until 2026. Only Colombia Humana needs to cross the threshold and suddenly Polo, otherwise I don’t see any other Pact party that can cross the threshold.

Yes, small parties will disappear if they do not unite.

We already knew Medellín, Barranquilla and Valle del Cauca. Nothing happened because they were already very strong candidates running for president. Not only did no one win, many were presidential candidates. They are heavyweights who are very difficult to beat. We don’t have many numbers and the majority is in Congress. Nobody resigned, just me. Even if Petro was 90 percent popular, there was no way we could win this. Who will beat Fico or Char? This is impossible. We didn’t have numbers and politics is done with names, money and tricks. Fico cannot be said to have won because Petro’s popularity is low. This is a huge lie. They can put whoever they want in both and they can’t beat them.

We lack leadership. There are people watching outside, but this is where we need to assess the situation to know where we are going. If people who are not part of the pact enter, it will be broken.. We need to have a broad meeting to know where we are going at the national level. But first of all, we must unite personalities.

The Pact will decide whether to accept this. He may have entered at the last minute, but he is not part of the cause that many of us in this country are fighting for. It’s not from this case, but it’s something that needs to be agreed upon if the Covenant accepts it. He’s not from here. It’s close, but I’m not in charge. They will decide whether consultations need to be held. However, rest assured that we will not name names just because someone came.

No, I haven’t thought about that right now because I’m trying to get some work done. I’m going to work a little more, I’m going to graduate school, and I need to prepare a little more. I don’t know what it will be like in 2026, everything is changing a lot. Moreover, there is Caicedo, he is also a part of the case, he has been there all his life. I don’t see any more leadership. I think Claudia is moving to the right because she has already lost her credibility on the left and centre. Some tell me that it serves as a platform with these votes, but it is a matter of reflection and responsibility..

I will devote myself to traveling the country to try to unite human Colombia. Because it is the party that introduced me to politics and it is the majority party of the Pact. I will try to grow it again if the other powers do not merge into a single entity within three years.

I said in October that I would retire in March because I had to retire to work on two novels I was already working on. What happened was that they forced my resignation in December because they told me there was no one to fight for the mayor of Bogota and they told me not to hold myself back from leaving. I said that I did not have any conditions and that I was staying there because there was a possibility that I could do it. But I always told them it was complicated. In the end, I resigned not because of the mayorship, but because I was going to work.

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No, only financially because I had to write both novels.

Yes, but it didn’t affect anything because the mayor was invited to those events. He had a candidate and he did it directly. Petro has never done anything like this in any of his speeches or speeches. I didn’t know anything about this. We never send advertisers to these meetings. Everything was done with very ethical parameters. All the incidents happened with the ministers, but not in our presence.

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