President Gustavo Petro spoke on the morning of November 30, following Health Minister Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo’s statements about the epidemic. Covid-19 vaccines.

“I appeal to the Minister of Health as follows”anti-vaxxers This is just a slander,” the president wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

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During the political control debate in the Senate First Committee, Minsalud made some statements that caused a stir on social networks.

Some internet users even referred to the minister as ‘anti-vaxxer’. That’s why President Gustavo Petro spoke.

Official Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo’s statements were as follows: “We are playing with the lives of Colombians. We cannot be an element of experimentation. All of us who are vaccinated today, except those who received Sinovac, I have Sinovac, all the new technologies and all the vaccines that have been entered here without permission“Jaramillo made controversial statements.

The Minister added: “We went and became an experiment, all Colombians who were vaccinated served. The largest experiment in human history. “We cannot continue to experiment with Colombian society, even with indigenous people, black people and peasants, the poorest in the country.”

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It’s worth noting that at the time of the remarks, Jaramillo was talking about drug approvals around the world and how some regulatory bodies are doing. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) And European Medicines Agency (EMA) They have become more lax about approving stage-stage drugs that have not yet been fully tested.

At the time, the minister explained that this was not because regulatory bodies did not allow drugs that had not been fully tested to enter the market. Colombia, The same needs to be done to address drug shortages.

The president’s broadcast began by saying that describing the minister as ‘anti-vaxxer’ was an insult slander.

“Guillermo Alfonso was the Minister of Health of Bogotá who led one of the strongest vaccination campaigns for the vital protection of children. “Most of the vaccinations were given free of charge,” the President said.

And he added: “This is no secret to anyone. The methods for approving anticovid vaccines were urgent and different to methods in normal times. It was necessary. “The minister did not lie.”

from Colombian Society of Epidemiology Jaramillo stated that they did not agree with the statements of the health ministry.

“These statements are contrary to scientific evidence, misinform and undermine public confidence in the vaccine, which has been shown to be highly effective in preventing illness and death in Covid-19 and many other infectious diseases,” the association said in a statement. said.

Former Minister of Health also joined this defense Fernando RuizRejecting Jaramillo’s claims, Jaramillo said, “According to the most prestigious medical journal, Covid-19 vaccines saved 14.4 million lives in the first year alone.”


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