It has been more than proven that nostalgia works very well in the world of entertainment. Recently we have witnessed how Fortnite He revived his glory days with the return of the first card, a situation that did not go unnoticed by his opponents. Some were quick to predict that after the success achieved by Epic Games, Activision would follow the same path. Will we have the opportunity to return to Verdansk in war zone? Everything points to yes.

Rumors about the expected return of Verdansk arise amid the launch of Urzikstan, a new map war zone who arrived in company Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3. This is the fourth scenario in history battle royalebut the truth is that none of them lived to see the first one.

Although this speculation surfaced a few weeks ago, we now have a reliable source to confirm it. Tom Hendersonfamous The source of information video game industry, reports via Insider Games What Verdansk will return war zone at the end of 2024.

Activision’s plan appears to be for Verdansk to become the main map when Call of Duty next year, which is being developed by Treyarch. We told you not too long ago that the film could be set during the Gulf War and its title would be Call of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War.

Henderson is not alone in his report. Charlie Intelperhaps the most recognized website (and read) by the fan community Call of Dutystates that he repeated the same information:

“Insider-Gaming reported this, citing its sources, and we also heard something similar. Verdansk will return.”

The return of Verdansk is the best news for war zone

Undoubtedly, this is news that players war zone They waited for a long time. Verdansk said goodbye in 2021 after being replaced by Caldera, a script that drew countless criticisms and war zone suffered a noticeable loss of users.

Al Mazra improved the situation and now it seems that Urzikstan has also been received positively. However, the reality is that in terms of gaming experience, nothing was the same as on the first map. The return of Verdansk has become the community’s biggest request war zoneeven above any game mechanics.

Concurrent player records he set Fortnite last November they predicted that Activision would sooner or later repeat this movement in its battle royale. The fact that two such reliable sources claim that Verdansk is returning to war zone in 2024 it is enough reasons to worry. Of course, we will have to wait patiently for a whole year…

Source: Hiper Textual

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