During a recent interview with Game Informer.com. Tetsuya Nomura has given a lot new details about Kingdom Hearts 4announced the new chapter of the famous Square-Enix series on April 10 during the game’s 20th anniversary event.

First of all, Nomura has confirmed that the story of the new Kingdom Hearts will be centered on the disappearance of Sora It will therefore be a very important narrative hub for the start of this new chapter.

The director also confirmed that they will return the Disney worlds and will play the usual importance they have always had in the series. The city of Quadratum, on the other hand, which can be seen in the reveal trailer, will apparently be some sort of Main HUB. Here Sora will perform his daily routine and after exploring the other worlds, he will always return to you.

Nomura continued the speech by explaining that in Kingdom Hearts 3 he was forced to use the . to leave out Final Fantasy characters because of the breadth of the cast, with too many stories and too many characters.

Because we had so many original characters with Kingdom Hearts 3, it was hard to find space for other Final Fantasy characters. We try to find a good balance here. I know some fans were worried about it, weren’t happy and wanted to see more Final Fantasy characters. It’s something we’re definitely thinking about. But we can’t give you a definite answer at this point.

For which care? to playFinally, Nomura reported that he has been developing ideas since the development of Kingdom Hearts 3. The author believes that being able to create an experience of combat action that pleases everyone is the real challenge to be overcome. Talking about the combat system of the game, Nomura explained that the part where Sora uses that kind of practice is actually a response command from Kingdom Hearts 2. The team decided to reintroduce this game mechanic, as many fans said they missed it.

Source: Lega Nerd

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