On the evening of Saturday, February 24, around 18.49, The Colombian Geological Service reported a 4.0 magnitude earthquake in the country.

According to the first record of the telluric movement, The epicenter was Los Santos in Santander. and had a depth of 149 kilometers.

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So far, authorities have not reported any property damage or injuries resulting from the incident. shaking.

But, Aftershocks are likely to be felt in the areas around the epicenter of the earthquake. in the next few hours.

SGC always invites users to report any earthquakes on its website It is their destiny. You need to fill out a form there.

This information “Collection of data on the area where the earthquake was felt and its effects in order to evaluate the seismic intensity serves the Colombian Geological Service. “This also allows scientists to better understand seismic risk in Colombia,” they explain.

Colombia is a very seismically active country. Even the SGC estimates that an average of 2,500 earthquakes, albeit of low magnitude, can be recorded in a month.

But 60 percent of tremors on national territory occur in the Bucaramanga Seismic Slot in Santander, under the municipality of Los Santos.

“The municipality of Los Santos constitutes the epicenter region of the vast majority of mid-depth seismicity in the area called the Bucaramanga Seismic Slot. The main characteristics of these earthquakes are about 150 km depth and low to moderate intensity; However, there are also records of earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 6.0 that harmed the people of the region,” according to the statement of the Geological Service.

The Red Cross recommends always taking a breath and remaining calm before making hasty decisions. If you are in an earthquake-resistant building, you can lean under a piece of furniture or against a wall for protection.

Don’t forget to keep it Fetal position with arms protecting the neck and head.

If your location is not earthquake resistant, it is recommended that you evacuate as soon as possible and stay away from hanging objects and windows.

This is important Keep an emergency kit at your workplace or home and let’s agree on a meeting point.


Source: Exame

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