Sony recently released a new version PS5 which, surprisingly, comes with a complete makeover of its interior. This may not be too relevant for many, but it is an important change; not only because it makes the console lighter, but also because it affects its power consumption.

youtuber Austin Evans got access to the updated model, which is currently only available in Australia, and found some very interesting news. Since the changes in motherboard and a heatsink, down to a slight tweak to the storage expansion bay with an M.2 SSD.

The new PS5 model analyzed by a specialist is CFI-1202B, corresponding to the digital version; that is, a version without a disc reader. This was a head-to-head comparison with the CFI-1000 versions, the version from the original 2020 release, and the CFI-1100, the first version of the device, which already weighed around 300 grams less than its predecessor.

The second console update continues along the same path, getting even easier. Weighs only 3.30 kg., against 3.54 kg for the IFC-1100 and 3.81 kg for the IFC-1000. This means the PS5, at least in its digital edition, has shrunk by almost a pound compared to the model Sony brought to the market in late 2020.

But what also drew attention during testing was power consumption. This is the latest model consumes almost 30 watts less during gaming than the IFC-1100 that wowed users last year, and about 17 watts less than the original PS5. However, it has not yet been explained how Sony could achieve such optimization.

The notorious internal changes of the new PS5

Aside from weight and power management, the most notable changes in the new PS5 are on the inside. The CFI-1202B motherboard, for example, is about two inches smaller than previous versions.. But the most dramatic changes again affected the cooling system.

The 2021 version of the CFI-1100 has already significantly reduced the heatsink size compared to the original model. And this new hardware revision brings with it an even smaller one, with some of the most exposed copper tubes.

This is also where an important part of weight loss lies. motherboard and the cooling system of the new PS5 weighs just 1.11 kg versus 1.36 and 1.62 kg for the 2021 and 2020 variants, respectively.

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Another startling fact is that Sony changed the location of the CMOS battery. Previously, it was located away from the radiator, and now under it. An amazing decision, because if it ever has to be replaced, then the radiator will have to be removed to access it.

Finally, the Japanese have modified the storage expansion bay with an M.2 SSD. Previously, the solid state drive was located on the printed circuit board, but now it is directly on the metal plate. This is due to the size reduction motherboardalthough it is unknown if this is due to cost or heat dissipation.

A new version of PS5 is currently available. only in Australia. But it would not be surprising if it gains space in other international markets in the coming months. And while we’re on the subject of Sony’s console, let’s not forget that it’s seen price increases all over the world lately, with the exception of the US.

Source: Hiper Textual

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