Today, September 17, is the Batman Day, and around the world, and of course also in our country, a whole series of useful initiatives are being taken to celebrate the day dedicated to the dark knight. Below we can list some of the most relevant.


Batman has fans all over the world, and among them we find Alexa! On the occasion of Batman Day, it is possible on all Alexa devices in Italy to hear the voice of the Dark Knight, played by Luca Ward (Batman in DC League of Super-Pets). Just ask “Alexa, tell me a phrase from Batman” to be catapulted into the imagination of this incredible icon. Batman will also be present on the screens of Alexa devices, with a creativity developed especially for the anniversary that focuses the spotlight on the Bat and all the adversaries he has encountered in his career as a vigilante in Gotham City.


The celebrations are also attended by OVS, which recently launched a children’s clothing collection inspired by the masked superhero. Among the garments, which cover an age range from 3 to 10 years, we find sweaters, sweatshirts and tracksuits in which Batman shows himself and his most famous poses. The collection, which will be communicated with a first-class social and influencer campaign, is already available in all stores of the chain and on the website. Additionally, in September, the windows of some of the major OVS stores will also be painted yellow and black in tribute to the popular superhero.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network (Sky channel 607) is ready to celebrate Batman Day again this year. On September 17, two must-see movies from the Lego DC Comics universe will air, featuring the iconic and beloved superhero at the center: at 2:05 PM Batman : The Movie – DC Super Heroes, while at 8:10 PM Justice League: Escape from Gotham City’s turn. An unmissable event, in the name of action and comedy, suitable for all the family.


The celebrations for Batman Day continue in comics as well, with the release of some titles Panini Comics specially designed for the occasion. Batman 55, the biweekly newsstand and comic book dedicated to the Dark Knight, will also be available in a variant version from Thursday, September 15, with a cover dedicated to Batman and Harley Quinn (who this year celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of his first appearance) in the comics DC Comics). Batman Day 2022’s theme, Versus, focuses the spotlight on the Bat Man’s great adversaries, and some new Panini Comics comics leave plenty of room for Gotham City’s bad guys. Batman: A Bad Day – The Riddler, by Tom King and Mitch Gerads, is the first issue of a miniseries dedicated to the Dark Knight’s most famous enemies and presented in Italy shortly after its original American publication. Also from the pen of Tom King and with the drawings of David Marquez, also the first issue of the miniseries that re-enacts the early years of Batman’s activity, Batman: Killing Time, focusing on the “perfect theft” orchestrated by the Riddler, Catwoman, Killer Croc and the Penguin. And if Gotham City is a city built by prominent personalities and shaped by epic events, even the locations can only boast of equally legendary drinks, served to heroes and criminals alike: the Gotham City Cocktails cookbook contains 70 themed recipes that will ensure that all readers in the center of the most agitated city in the comic and film world.

video game

MultiVersus, the free-to-play platform-style fighting game, is celebrating Batman Day with an in-game event that will award a Batman profile icon to players who complete 3 games as the Caped Crusader from September 16-19. Batman will also be featured in the character rotation in the game preview during those three days.

Injustice 2 Mobile celebrates Batman Day from September 13-19 with daily in-game gifts and a profile picture with the Batman Day logo for players. Starting September 16, players will also be able to enjoy a special Classic Batman Arena Invasion event and various in-game discounts.

Source: Lega Nerd

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