Without a doubt, Halo, the flagship franchise of the Xbox brand, is going through the most difficult phase in its history. Although the campaign Halo Infinity there was a positive reception failed in its attempt to make multiplayer the benchmark for games as a service.. Largely because the strategy for releasing additional content turned out to be a complete disaster due to delays and cancellations.

Apparently, this situation has alarmed Microsoft, which since the previous month began to make changes to the administrative leadership of 343 Industries. However, those from Redmond will not be limited to turning to research management. they also abandoned its own graphics engineSlipspace Engine to adopt a set of tools to make future projects easier to develop Halo.

According to information from youtuber Sean W., Halo will use Unreal Engine, the popular graphics engine from Epic Games.. In fact, Sean expects 343 Industries to not wait for the new installment of the franchise as the changes will start with a new modality that is on its way to halo-infinite.

Apparently, there is a team working on battle royale per halo-infinite. Internally, he is known as “Tatanka” and his development is made possible by the Unreal Engine. By the way, the report was approved Jeremy Penteralso youtuber.

Halo and the first decision of the current storm

In modern times for battle royale to be successful, you need to offer new content on a regular and consistent basis. That’s why these headlines Fortnite, war zone or apex legend they rely on a format with seasons. The problem is that Slipspace Engine will make this mission difficult.an inconvenience that became apparent with multiplayer halo-infinite.

Then the Unreal Engine will be the salvation, the flexibility and ease of use of which are more than proven. Not only does the Epic Games tool offer all the technology you need to develop video games at a visual and gaming level, but also to create multiplayer online games – for example, it even has its own anti-cheat system.

In addition to the failure of the multiplayer, you probably remember that halo-infinite delayed for a whole year because of his questionable visual section. The wave of criticism caused 343 Industries and Microsoft to spend more time polishing it. Although there was a noticeable improvement in the final version, the game did not live up to the expectations of many technical indicators.

One of the reasons that could interfere with its development cycle is precisely due to the shortcomings of its graphics engine. Thus, it seems that at 343 Industries they are tired of the details that are present in their working tools. Consequently, switching to Unreal Engine is a logical decision.

Beware, 343 Industries won’t be the only studio to port its workflow to Unreal Engine. In the same year, CD Projekt Red, responsible for Cyberpunk 2077announced that new Witcher will be developed on Unreal Engine 5. Of course, a lot will affect the stumbling start Cyberpunk 2077which has entered a market rife with errors.

Source: Hiper Textual

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