If you are a subscriber Disney+ and you have a PS5 you will be pleased to know that from today you will be able to download a special application for watching series and movies on the console. Although the app was available on the PlayStation Store, it was actually intended for the PS4 and only allowed you to watch videos in Full HD. This is left behind as this new version offers 4K HDR support.

Users will be able to watch TV shows and movies based on Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and other resources directly in UHD format. Those who live in Latin America They will also have access to Star+ app designed specifically for PlayStation 5.. This is undoubtedly good news, as 1080p video was one of the major limitations of the original app.

“A key part of our global expansion strategy is meeting consumers wherever they are, which is why we’re excited to improve Disney+ and Star+ for PlayStation 5 users,” said Jerrell Jimerson, executive vice president of product and design at Disney. . “The ability to support 4K HDR video streaming on the platform will also enhance the viewing experience for fans,” he said.

Disney+ is coming to PlayStation 5, just in time for an ad-supported subscription

Application launch Disney+ for PS5 sets the stage for the changes the streaming service will experience over the next few months. After years of working with a unique membership that opened the doors to the content catalog, Disney is about to take the next step: subscription with ads. The plan will be offered as cheap alternative compared to the current model, which will rise in price in all regions.

Reports show that new subscription with Disney+ ads will be available from December 8th and it will cost $7.99 per month. The ad-free plan will cost $10.99 per month, and both will have the option to pay annually for a discount. Prices shown are for the United States, although they will be adjusted for Europe, Latin America, and all countries where the service is offered.

the date high on Disney Plus now and save with an annual subscriptionwith which you can enjoy its entire catalog of series and films, access to the latest releasesto catalog Star and the best National Geographic documentaries.

Subscribe to Disney+ and save

Disney, like other video platforms in streaming, they have reached a point where they cannot burn money like they did in the beginning. Oh sure pandemic increased the number of users due to quarantine, the numbers have fallen in recent months. Netflix reported losing 970,000 subscribers in the second quarter of 2022 and laying off hundreds of employees.

However, the company is optimistic about adding a million subscribers in the third quarter of the year. Others like Prime Video or HBO Maxspend a million on plays like Rings of Power D Dragon House to gain a foothold in the market. Amazon plays for a long time thanks to the cushion of income it receives from its other divisions.

As large companies struggle to dominate the industry, you You can download the Disney+ app on PS5 starting today. and enjoy Andorone of the best series star Wars.

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