after a major operation on the outskirts of Montería between Prosecution and National Police CTI The alleged murderer of Juan Esteban Alzate was caught; 15-year-old boy stabbed in the chest on one of the knuckles on the night of October 8 TransMilenium.

EL TIEMPO, who learned that the arrest took place on the night of October 12, said that the man who was identified Gustavo Adolfo aka CostenoThe man who had fled from Bogota was fully identified and an entire operation was launched to ensure his capture.

Estefanía Ceballos, mother of young Juan Esteban, who was killed on Saturday, October 8th, gave details of the horrific moment when her son was attacked and his life was taken. “I’m speaking because I want justice to be served. My son was a sane teenager who was devoted only to reading and had no problems with anyone.”

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He said that he humiliated and humiliatedly asked the killer to kneel down and apologize for stepping on him. “That was terrible. When did this aggression in the system here happen?” He added that he needed help to perform funeral services and say goodbye to his son.

She also said that she died in front of her boyfriend and a friend when Juan Esteban was attacked. “I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. But the fact that my son is gay didn’t have to be so violently attacked. He had defined his sexual orientation from the age of eight.”

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He remembered that it all started at Ricaurte station. “My Juan Esteban apologized, but when he realized they wanted him to lie down, he refused. Yes, he confronted him and that’s when the killer pulled out a knife and without thinking stabbed him in the chest”.

The young man’s mother says she will never forget the moment her son’s wife cried and told him that his son had been killed. “I’ll never forget your voice. My world fell apart. Then they told me I was in surgery in Santa Clara, but they couldn’t do anything. My son died.”


Today this young man mourns the passing of his five brothers. “It’s a lie when they say our relationship is bad. She decided to live with her partner and that’s respectable. I’ve always been a mom and dad to her. I always understood and helped her. She visited me a lot. She came for lunch or asked me for eleven”. In fact, the young man was confirming the third and fourth grades on the night shift of the Fernando Mazuera school.

This terrible dream put an end to the life of a young man who dreamed of becoming a model and living in the United States. He wanted to send money to work and help his family. “My son was taken from me, something a mother could love most, and because of a step. What a sadness.”

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Source: Exame

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