John Poulos, who was caught and brought to justice for alleged responsibility for the murder of Dj Valentina Trespalacios, is still in custody. Headquarters of the Prosecutor’s Office bunker west of BogotáA judge from Paloquemao decides on the place of final confinement while the case is being considered.

(Live trial: in Valentina Trespalacios case, prosecutor seeks jail time for Poulos)

In the cells on the first floor of the accuser, he is assigned one of the transition cells and is protected from the prosecution by CTI agents. Every day he is handcuffed and taken into a room by several men, where he can attend hearings before a warrant checking judge.

Sources from the prosecutor’s office indicated that the person would remain at the scene until the judge decides on the security measure requested by the accusing party and determines Inpec’s place of detention. This step can happen in the next few hours.

The detainee stays in a single cell within a group of at least six cells measuring approximately six square metres. He has no television or internet access in his cell.

Jhonier Leal, who was caught for killing his brother Mauricio Leal and his mother, remained in the same cells for a long time and before his extradition, Carlos Antonio Moreno Tuberquía, alias Nicolás, who was the ‘Clan’ second-in-command. Gulf’.

(Also: New evidence linking Poulos to the murder of Valentina Trespalacios)

currently andIn the same cell block is Margaret Lizeth Chacón Zuñiga, the emotional partner of Colombian drug trafficker Andrés Felipe Pérez Hoyos, who was caught for the crime of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci.

He was arrested in El Salvador and after he was handed over to Colombian authorities, they accused him of participating in the assassination.

Jhon Poulos requested special prison conditions for the alleged security risks. However, sources familiar with the closure order at the prosecutor’s office stated that these cells are not authorized to pay fines or spend long periods of time, and they are only waiting for the judge’s decision for the transfer process.

(Also: information that John Poulos deleted from the nets after Valentina’s death)

Although the site is under the control of the prosecutor’s office, the penal execution regime continues in the cells. In other words, the detainee has the opportunity to meet with his/her lawyer at designated times and to talk on the phone in a controlled manner (this is the public phone, once a day and for a few minutes).

Inpec has a report of how many people are left on the ground. and supplies daily detainees with food. that means If possible, you can make authorized and supervised visits on weekends.

Sources stated that every day there is an area for detainees to sunbathe at the crime scene and they are taken there in turn.

For now, any health problem will be intervened by the health personnel who remain at the prosecutor’s office.

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Source: Exame

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