A video shared on social networks went viral, as the clip apparently captures the exact moment when a corpse in the morgue can barely stand up and walk.

As users noted, the event Russia and security cameras record January 24, 2022.

The clip lasts a minute and shows two stretchers in some rooms of the morgue, each of which appears to have a corpse. Suddenly one of the corpses moves his hand and begins to remove the sheet that covers him.

When discovered, it is later revealed to be a male struggling to stand up. When he stands up, he uses the stretcher to keep his balance. At that time, the video is cut off.

Users were surprised by a particular clip. Some argue that it could just be a setup or something wrong. Others say it could be an ad campaign or an employee joke that went viral.

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Other Internet users preferred to look for a scientific explanation: “Catalepsy is called medical”, A user commented.

According to the ‘Efe’ agency, catalepsy is looks like he died they eventually react and show signs of life.

In its most intense degree, this disorder causes minimal, almost imperceptible, cardiac, respiratory, and neurological functions, and therefore the person can be presumed dead.

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“The one who suffers catalepsy “He will never have Efe salud, cadaveric phenomena such as pallor, stiffness or coldness that only occur with death,” explains Andrés Santiago Sáenz, deputy director of the Professional School of Law and Forensic Medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid.

In this sense, although it is not known exactly which of these hypotheses is realized in the video, the clip is still impressive for many internet users.

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Source: Exame

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