The Ministry of Transport, which was held by the taxi drivers’ union on February 22, reached an agreement with the leaders of this transport service on 17 items.

The document ‘Commitments of the Ministry of Transport and the F2 national committee’ stated the following on behalf of the National Government:

one. The Government of Change has and will always keep the doors and channels of dialogue and agreement open with all legally established individual transport actors to listen to their concerns, suggestions and problems; Since the beginning of this Government, there have been spaces to listen and discuss issues in an audience with the President (5 October 2022), 17 regional and seven national desks led by the Ministry of Transport and nine desks led by the Transport Inspectorate.

2. Faced with informality, illegality and the provision of unauthorized services, we should point out that the current regulation (Law No. 336) of 1996 determines that public transport must be provided by transport companies and vehicles registered for the service in question, so we call on the municipality. and regional authorities to check compliance with the provisions in question, and IX of Law No. 336 of 1996. fully implement its section, in particular the application of the letter e of Article 49; Any desired change to this model must be subject to legislative process, so it corresponds to the Honorable Congress of the Republic to conduct the relevant democratic debate to amend or adjust it. The Ministry of Transport and the Transport Inspectorate are in a position to issue relevant circulars on this subject within the framework of current regulations. The Undersecretariat of Transport, on the other hand, will supervise the compliance of transit and transportation authorities with their legal duties, with the legal tools provided by the current legislation.

3. In terms of technological platforms, we will work together with all transportation actors as the Ministries of ICT, Science, Technology and Innovation, Labor and Transport. It should be clear that any regulation intended to be enacted will correspond exclusively to the Congress of the Republic. within the framework of the democratic debate.

with regard to 4. increase in gasoline prices The Ministries of Finance and Mines and Energy stated that the State must resolve the insufficient funding of the Stabilization Fund, as stated by the President. We must move towards the energy transition through the Technological Stimulus Fund, the replacement of electric vehicles, and the review of tariff setting parameters. The Ministry of Transport may undertake to establish a working committee with the Ministries of Finance and Mines to discuss the setting and review of gasoline prices.

5. The President expresses his commitment to taxi driving, Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance It was for taxis issued by the National Government on 15 December 2022.

6. The National Government, the 205th article of the National Development Plan Law Proposal submitted to the views of the Honorable Congress of the Republic.Technological Rise Incentive Fund for taxisThis ensures that this sector is an incentive and source of resources for the energy transition, resulting in reduced costs and polluting emissions. In the working groups created, we will work on building viable alternatives so that small taxi owners are the first beneficiaries of the policies and substitution policy incentives.

7. The Ministry of Transport is working on a draft law. Reformulate the precarious sanction regime for all modes of transport, Concrete tools and instruments will be created for its control, which, among other things, will be discussed, constructed and analyzed with all sectors so that it can be submitted to the Congress of the Republic after agreement with all actors. informal and illegal transportation, which is abundant in various parts of the country. We will continue to work at the desks to create a joint project with all the actors in the sector.

8. The Undersecretariat of Transport will continue its monitoring and investigation activities to force transit and transport authorities to fulfill their duties and obligations.

9. Social security for taxi drivers This is an issue that worries us and so we will continue to develop the desk with the department’s Ministry to move forward in this regard and also process the concept request to the Consultation Room and Civil Service. The service of the Council of State for the elimination of concerns about liability and responsibility towards itself in individual passenger transportation.

10. Validity driving licence It is regulated in the National Traffic Code, a Republican law for public transport drivers, so its amendment is the exclusive source of the Republican Honorable Congress.

eleven. Determination of tariffs for transportation in taxis It corresponds to local governments within the framework of the parameters determined by the Ministry of Transport, which is in a position to review the content of the said parameters in terms of sustainability and sustainability, in accordance with the constitutionally determined regional autonomy model. accessibility of the service, always considering the user as the axis of any public service policy. Similarly, the Ministry of Transport is in a position to review the current regulation on carrying capacity in individual passenger service in a joint construction process with industry actors and transport authorities.

12. The Ministry of Transport is analyzing and evaluating with the Financial Inspectorate of Colombia and will do this immediately with FASECOLDA, which has the possibility to combine the necessary policies for different modes of transport, including individual passenger transport.

13. Ministry of Transport, homologation of vehicles for individual transportaccording to the demands and needs of the industry.

14. The Ministry of Transport shows its willingness. give necessary instructions to transit authorities Regarding the necessity of carrying out the transactions of the companies in “peace and security”, the change time of taxi-type vehicles and the fact that the taxis are not immobilized due to the lack of company seal on the cards.

The Transit and Transportation Department of the 15th National Police is currently
establishing a protocol that defines police officers’ procedure and traffic officials against control of transit and transport.

16. Ministry of Transport, changing the resolution that determines the number of travel forms occasionally for individual passenger transportation and is in a position to discuss this with the Sector.

17. During March Regional desks and a final national table will be set up to review all proposals and public policy formulas with all actors as follows:

Pasture: Tuesday, February 28.

Cali: Wednesday, March 1st.

Armenia-Pereira: Tuesday, March 7th.

Medellin: Wednesday, March 8th.

Popayán: Thursday, March 9th.

Monteria: Tuesday, March 14.

Barranquilla: Thursday, March 16.

Valledupar: Tuesday, March 21.

Bucaramanga Thursday, March 23.

Villavicencio Tuesday, March 28.

Facatativa is Wednesday, March 23.

Bogota Thursday, March 29.

In the first two weeks of April, the general assembly meetings will be held in a place to be determined jointly.

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