It resurfaced a week and a half after surviving a helicopter crash in Soledad (Atlántico). Karim Nadir Abu Naba’aalso known as ‘Prince Karim’, he is the son of an Arab oil tycoon.


The surprise was captured on a video she posted on her Instagram account on Tuesday, and in it you can see the reaction of the id young woman. Francheska Lizardseeing the van with the lasso.

“No, I can’t!” ‘ the woman replies, with a moment’s delight, after she has fixed the car.

“The most important thing about this accident is that I found out who my friends are. Francheska Lizardo helped me 24 hours a day in Barranquilla and this is her first gift. Insurance is much more expensive than that. Enjoy your car! I love you so much, good job,” Kerim said.

At the bottom of the post is “more coming. I’ll give you houses, schools and some other things. I walked some more.”

It should be noted that the plane crash occurred after 5 pm, when the population was on the eve of the feast. Barranquilla Carnival.

In addition to Karim Nader Abu Naba’a, two more were injured and identified as Juan Antonio Renoso Castro of the Dominican Republic and Juan Carlos Sáenz Lozano, a retired Colombian Air Force pilot.

They were all in the type helicopter Bell 206 register HK-4750. They were assisted by police uniforms and transferred to a nearby care center.

The plane, which exploded immediately after the collision, belonged to Aerocesar and was chartered for one hour to fly over Barranquilla.

Last weekend, ‘Prince Karim’, while his wounds still healed He explained what happened to him in a video. and reasons to stay in the Atlantic capital.

“I was in Barranquilla for the concert of artist Don Omar on Friday, February 18th. But I didn’t think another trip would turn out so randomly. “I was with Johnny and we thought it would be a normal flight to get to know Barranquilla from above.”

“Everything was normal, until about 6 minutes after takeoff, I saw the RPM suddenly change, the engine stopped, and I shouted to the pilot ‘auto return’. landing in free fall. But that was the last thing heard before the helicopter hit the ground.”

Karim assured that the impact was very strong, but everyone on board was conscious. He crawled out and was later helped by a community. According to his calculations, after 15 seconds, the plane exploded.

“Actually the Bell 206 of Aerocesar SAS looked old, I asked pilot Juan Carlos Sáenz Lozano how many flight hours and he said it was over five thousand but I sat in the back,” he said.

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Karim argued that this is how it should be. transferred to New York spinal and ambulatory surgery. As such, he stated that his lawyers are already working to sue the company for “lack of care.”

With what he can collect “on demand”, he will make a school or sports center, as promised.


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Source: Exame

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