It was like a movie! This was the scene where two passengers of a private plane that had landed in an emergency in Florida (United States) had to live. This Tuesday, May 10.

One of the passengers on the Cessna 208 had to take control, communicate with the station and land safely, without piloting experience, due to a situation experienced by the pilot.

In the audio broadcast by the American media ‘CNN’, it is possible to hear the communication between the tower and the man who took control of the plane.

I have a very serious situation here. My pilot is inconsistent and I don’t know how to fly the plane. but we stay at 9100 feet”, says at first.


A few seconds later, the tower answers the call for help and asks for the flight location, but the unidentified manHe repeats that he did not know this information because it was his first experience.

At that moment, the passenger explains to the operator that the pilot was unconscious, making it impossible for the airman to land. The tower commander tells him to “keep the wings straight” and “try the landing maneuver”.


To the surprise of many, the operation was completely successful and the aircraft smoothly descended and landed on the airport highway in Florida without any injuries.

Another traffic controller even described what happened to his colleagues: “You just saw a few passengers on that plane.” they reply, “Did you say that the passengers landed the plane? Oh my God. Good job”.


But why wasn’t there a co-pilot at the time of the incident? According to an analyst from the aforementioned media, it’s very common for only one pilot and passenger to go as it’s a private flight.

The Federal Aviation Administration, on its behalf, make sure the pilot has “a possible medical problem” and said they would continue to conduct an investigation into the case.

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Source: Exame

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