Only two topics have been discussed in the video game industry over the past week: the rift between EA and FIFA and the leak that anticipates a new game silent Hill. In the second, apparently, thousands of players have revived hopes. Cause? Never before has there been such compelling evidence for the return of the franchise. which meant before and after for horror titles.

According to information from VGK D Jeff Grubbfairly reliable sources in the industry, There are three projects silent Hill continuous. one is remake Silent Hill 2 from Bloober Team, the studio behind Layers of fear, blair witch D Average. another episodic game which will be developed by Annapurna Interactive, creators Outer Wilds. Finally, the third name can be direct continuation of the main saga.

For a moment, I’ll leave the information that has surfaced in recent days in the background to ask the next question: do we really need a return of the franchise? silent Hill celebrated the childhood or youth of many players since the late nineties, and this is a fact that no one can deny.

Petitions inspired by nostalgia

Now that we’re talking about the long-awaited return to the world of video games, a significant part of those wishes driven by the desire to relive the era of the past. A moment that allows us to abandon the current era for a few moments and “return” to a stage in our lives that is already behind us, but which we are missing.

When we ask for a refund silent Hill we do this with an intention that goes beyond a simple gaming session. We are sure that getting a new name will make us revive old memories.

Companies know very well how our emotions work; for this reason, they constantly capitalize on nostalgia, sometimes shamelessly. It is no coincidence that there are so many remasters and remakes today.

Once all of the above has become clear, one can come to a truth that is not always well received by everyone: that person who really wants to relive their moments with silent Hill, no need for re-releases, let alone a new game. Today, there are many ways to enjoy classic games, even if you don’t own the consoles they were originally released on. Over two decades later, playing the original silent Hill — and its sequels — remain useful despite their age.

If not for this powerful component of nostalgia, why else would you want something new? silent Hill?

Other games have filled the gap YesIlent Hill

Resident Evil 8: Village
Resident Evil (8) Village

To a contentious issue YesIlent Hill did not disappear from the map leaving an unfinished story which needs answers. The door has certainly been left open for a possible sequel, but the existing narrative does not depend on it. In this sense, there is no need for a new batch.

As for the gaming landscape, some have mentioned that the new silent Hill it could bring horror-based video games to life. However, the reality is that the genre is going through a good stage now. surviveback in 2013 consolidated some ideas and proposals that were later inherited by the giant resident Evil. The Capcom franchise left zombies behind in parts seven and eight to focus on more paranormal and supernatural experiences.

But we also had the opportunity to “enjoy” games such as dead space, Evil within, Layers of fear or alien isolationto name a few. Although each of them conveys horror in their own way, they all contributed to the survival of the genre. During all this time, fortunately, we did not need intervention silent Hill.

Dead Space
dead space

Another issue to consider is that, unfortunately, part of the community is raising their voice demanding the return of the franchise to show that, to a greater or lesser extent, it has weight in the company’s decisions. But once the requests are granted, they do not match the purchase of the game – even if it’s good.

An unfortunate example of such a situation is crash bandicoot. We’ve been asking for it back for years, and while the remastered trilogy has been well received, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time went unnoticed, despite the fact that it was a great game. Sales have been disappointing and his developer studio Toys for Bob is currently working on Call of Duty – commissioned by Activision – instead of continuing the saga of marsupials …

It is a fact that the return silent Hill sooner or later it will happen; either as a remake or with a completely new game – or both. In the case of the second option, it will be interesting to see if its goal is to satisfy the nostalgic wishes of the fans and, in addition, bring something new to the genre. If yes, then welcome. Otherwise it will be a missed opportunity.

Source: Hiper Textual

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