This is not an episode script. Office. According to Japanese media living doorThe police have arrested a Konami employee for attempting to assassinate his former boss in the middle of an office..

According to witnesses who were present at the time, the 41-year-old assailant approached the victim from behind and hit him hard on the head with a fire extinguisher.

Surrounding workers attacked the attacker and managed to neutralize him. Immediately afterwards, Konami called the Japanese police to report the incident. The authorities quickly arrived and arrested him.

Apparently, an interrogation was launched, which led to a more complex investigation. Firstly, the detainee admitted that he beat his boss with the intention of killing him. However, he had a reason.

The now former Konami employee assured that the boss, allegedly abused his authority by trying to intimidate him. In fact, he claims to have reported it to HR.

With this information, the police went to Konami to investigate the matter. The company said that although the complaint existed, they confirmed that no abuse of power situation had arisen. In any case, since 2020 they have transferred the worker to another area of ​​the company.

Because the assailant confessed his intention to kill him, Police formally charged with attempted murder. The victim, for his part, spent a week in the hospital, as he was seriously injured.

Thus, a former Konami employee is unlikely to escape harsh punishment. His confession is enough to leave a sentence of several years in prison.

While his aggression is unjustified, the question remains whether Konami actually did the proper investigation to make sure the boss wasn’t abusing his powers. Unfortunately, situations like this are common in many companies’ work environments, and the perpetrators are not always punished.

Although Konami had been in the shadow of the video game industry for a long time, things had changed a year earlier. return confirmation silent Hill with multiple titles, as well as rumors of a possible remake Metal Gear Hard, once again drew attention to the Japanese distributor. That is why this news made a lot of noise on the Internet.

Source: Hiper Textual

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