The malware has the ability to secretly record voice calls, collect data from messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp, and hide or disable apps on mobile devices.

Analysis of Talos showed that Predator works with a component called Alien that performs functions necessary for surveillance. Alien exploits vulnerabilities in popular software like Google Chrome to take control of targeted devices.

The resulting data will help develop more advanced protection mechanisms against Predator. Talos researchers were unable to obtain versions of Predator designed for iOS devices.

Developed by Cytrox, Predator is developed by Nexa Technologies, WiSpear/Passitora Ltd. It is part of an alliance known as Intellexa, which includes other surveillance system vendors such as and Senpai. Last year, Google’s threat intelligence team found that Predator pooled five zero-day vulnerabilities and sold them to government-sponsored organizations that used the package in various campaigns.

Source: Ferra

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