In an increasingly digitalized and ever-evolving world, it has become imperative to seek ways to improve our knowledge and skills. That’s why Udemy has an online learning platform.

Udemy offers a unique opportunity for flexible and personalized learning with a wide variety of courses on offer. suitable for people with different interests and knowledge levels.

Format of available classes and courses

Udemy has an online classroom format that allows students to learn at their own pace. courses consists of video lessons given by expert trainers To provide a high-quality learning experience. In addition, the platform offers additional features such as quizzes, practice exercises, and discussion forums.

Regarding technology and computing, Udemy offers a wide range of video courses to build knowledge and skills for beginners or professionals looking to update the market.

Later, TecMundo divided some of the computer course options from basic to advanced.

1. Office Suite + Computer Course with Power BI

Image: Computer Course with Office Suite + Power BI
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The course includes 136.5 hours of video, 24 articles and a certificate of completion. You will learn Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Power BI in a simple and direct way.

With a step-by-step approach, this course will guide you through a wide range of topics that will help you qualify in the job market and stand out from the crowd.

The online course will help you master basic computing concepts, explore Windows 10, and deepen your knowledge of basic software such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, from basic to advanced.

You’ll also learn conditional formatting, data validation, charts, pivot tables, dashboards, and more.

2. Complete Computer Course from Basic to Advanced

Image: Basic to Advanced Complete Computer Course
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Learn Computer from scratch in a simple and practical way from basic to advanced. There is a 12.5 hour course.

You can find less theoretical options like this one among Udemy courses.Lessons are mostly practicalfocused on preparing you for everyday situations at work or in your private life.

If you’re a college student, an employee facing the challenges of digitalization, someone who wants to learn how to perform certain functions, or even has trouble dealing with computers on a daily basis, this course is ideal for you. From zero to advanced, you’ll learn everything you need to know about computing to face challenges and be more productive.

3. Basic Computer Course

Image: Basic Computer Course
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

In this course you will learn to define hardware, what software is, to recognize and use standard programs.

This basic computer course is designed for computer beginners who want to learn basic concepts. In it you will discover the main hardware components of a computer, the most used operating systems and indispensable programs. Besides, you will get valuable tips to surf the internet safely, avoid viruses and scams and other common problems.

The main aim of this course is to offer simple and intuitive learning that covers everything beginners need to know about computers and the internet. It is important to note that this course does not cover the Office suite or text editing tools.

4. Basic Informatics Course

Image: Basic Computer Course
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

There are 51 classes with a total of 19 hours of courses you will learn. using the computer for the job marketand professionally qualified

Another option is the Basic Computer Course, which includes basic modules such as Windows 10, the operating system most used by companies and public institutions, Word, one of the main word processors in the market, Excel, a very important tool for mathematical calculations, spreadsheets. PowerPoint suitable for creating graphs and dynamic tables and slide presentations for seminars, lectures and meetings.

5. Computer Course with Office 365 Suite

Image: Computer Course with Office 365 Suite
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Learn: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows 10 and 11. There is a 16 hour video course with simulation for exercises and competitions.

How about dedicating yourself to improving your computer skills and mastering the Office Suite? Developed for students, beginner professionals and those looking to update themselves, this online course offers a solid foundation in computing and covers the core Office Suite applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

You will be able to efficiently create documents, spreadsheets and presentations with practical, didactic lessons focused on applying the concepts learned. There is also a flexible schedule that allows you to work at your own pace and at the end of the course. You will receive a digital certificate.

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