According to a study by the SCHARD service, 24 billion rubles of offer are available for Russians who want to sell cryptocurrencies and withdraw funds to cards of large banks. These are unregulated online exchangers.

The supply volume on the Russian market for P2P cryptocurrency exchange is 24 billion rubles

Speakers from the security service for cryptocurrency assets SCHARD presented the results of their new research at the Sber blockchain conference. According to their data, the supply volume on the P2P exchange market in Russia when selling cryptocurrencies is 24 billion rubles.

The exchange is done through cards issued by all the major banks in the country. This creates risks both for users and for the banks themselves, whose cards are used not only by retail users, but also by these unregistered moneychangers.

Fedor Ivanov, Director Analyst of the Security Service for Cryptocurrency Assets “SHARD”.

Most of the services for the exchange, experts say, operate without registration and without any organizational and legal forms. Against the background of an increased number of attacks on cryptocurrency services, the demand to ensure the security of cryptocurrency transactions has begun to grow in the country, both among individuals and among market players.


Grigory Shcheglov

Source: RB

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